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These Six Zodiac Signs May Face Love & Relationship Issues In 2022

As we wait for a brand New Year to begin, here is a lowdown on six zodiac signs who might face a hard time when it comes to relationships in 2022. The reason being that the major planets including Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter are moving from one sign to another.

These transits can have an effect on the love and relationship aspect of your lives. Here is a list of six such zodiac signs, based on the moon sign, which may go through a hard time when it comes to relationships in 2022. Is your zodiac sign listed here? Find out!

Capricorns may have to take great care of their love and relationships in the year 2022. This year, Capricorns are also likely to suffer from Shani Sade Sati. Due to Saturn’s effects, there may be some difficulties in your love relationship. You may have to be away from your loved one. Wondering if you are also under a Sade Sati? Get your doubts cleared with a Free Sade Sati Report.

For married couples, differences may emerge with your spouse. After June, things are likely to improve. Here is a pro-tip for you: pay heed to the words of your spouse and beloved ones.

Cancerians will have to be careful about love and relationships in the year 2022. Misunderstandings in love and relationships can be rampant for Cancer natives in 2022. To avoid misunderstandings of the future, you can get your Love Compatibility Report for free!

In the year 2022, Cancer natives have to keep in mind that they should not allow any differences to progress in their love and relationship. However, the second half of the year means that after July, it is likely to be better for love relationships than before. During this time you can ask your beloved one to marry you.

Remedy: Chant the mantras related to Venus.

In the second phase of the year 2022, Sags’ love and relationships may not live up to expectations. In 2022, there may be some tension in the love and relationship household life for Sagittarians. Make sure your household issues stay away, with a Kundali Matchmaking before marriage!

In the year 2022, many skeletons of the past are likely to also come out and become a part of the debate, due to which you may get upset. However, as far as love and relationships are considered, the first phase of the year may not be that difficult for the Sagittarius people. This year you have to live up to the trust of your partner. Only then your relationship will take the next step!

Remedy: To avoid any problem in relationships, you can perform a Rudrabhishek Puja.

For Virgos, the first phase of the year 2022 may be a bit of a difficult time for those in love and or are in a relationship.

Virgos natives may have to be very careful in their love and relationship matters in the first five months of the year 2022. However, this is likely to improve after June 2022. The transit of Jupiter in April may help you, and by June, the deteriorating love and relationship situation may start coming under control for Virgo natives. Get all the aspects of your life under control with a Free Yearly Report prepared by expert astrologers.

By the end of the year, you are likely to try to take your relationship to the next ultimate step: marriage! For all those who have Virgos partners, be ready to hear a proposal anytime now!

Remedy: To strengthen your relationship, recite Vishnu Sahasranama.

Love and relationships in 2022 for Geminiscan create difficult situations due to differences. The second phase of the year may be a little more stable than the first.

If you want to get married this year, then do make sure that you understand your partner completely! You can also get your Sun Sign Compatibility checked!

In the year 2022, you are likely to spend more time like this in getting along with each other. The first two months of the year are good to propose to someone. For those who have Gemini partners, this Valentine’s Day might be a big day for you!

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesha this year for smooth sailing relationships.

The year 2022 for the people of the Librans may be of special attention to love and relationships. Differences may emerge in mid-year with someone you are meaning to propose in the first part of the year!

The best advice for you this year would be to build your trust with your partner and act accordingly. You may suffer due to excessive conversation or not talking to each other for a long time, which means you have to keep a balancing act in your relationship. It is time to channelise your zodiac sign of the ‘balance’!

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With Ganesha’s Grace,