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The Numerology of Diwali # 13

The Numerology of Diwali # 13

Did you ever wonder if we could apply numerology to things like Diwali as well?

The answer is YES we could – just like we could apply subjects like physics and chemistry at any place, be it USA or India – so one should be able to apply Numerology – if it is a science to an extent. So do it for yourself.

Now let us do the Numerology of the characters mentioned in Ramayan, keeping values of alphabets as given below:

AJS = 1

BKT = 2

CLU = 3

DMV = 4

ENW = 5

FOX = 6

GPY = 7

HQ Z = 8

IR = 9

a) Deepawali = 455715139 = 40 = 4+0 = 4

The number of putting the basis for may be next year the number of hard work and discipline. Also saving money for hard times. This is the message Diwali gives us.

Also based on compound numbers – a good time to come up with ideas and innovations.

b) Ram = 914 = 13 = 1+3 = 4 (we don’t use titles like Sri etc while

calculating Names)

c) Sita = 1921 = 13= 1+3 = 4

d) Hanuman = 8153415 = 27 = 2+7 = 9

e) Lanka = 31521 = 12 = 1+2 = 3

f) Ramayan = 9141715 = 28 = 1

g) Ravan = 20 = 2+ 0 = 2

Let us analyze the numbers:

In the above calculations – a, b and c all the key names (namely Deepwali, Ram, Sita have the number 4. That is they have the number of hard work and planning. So Deepwali is a good time to setting the direction the following year you see. Time to think and plan about future.

Also one could notice that Ram and Sita’s name have number 13, what does that mean?

Now thirteen is a number of death and resurrection. We all know that Sri Ram and Sita had to undergo 14 years in banwaas (jungles) and then again coming back to glory of ruling a kingdom – is it not a kind of coming out of death like experience and living again? That is resurrecting oneself from a scratch.

2) Also you can notice Hanumanji’s name comes to number 9 – a number of Mars. That is to do with courage, fighting and military purposes – also it is a number of universal compassion. Now don’t we use Hanumanji’s name at the time we want to get courage – like jai bajrang bali?

3) Now if we analyze the popular name – Ravan. The number is #2 (moon), the positive side of number 2 gives good intellect- but it seems in case Name of Ravan comes to number 2. The negative side of it means that it gives deceit and cheating to the personality. You could very well see all this happening in Ramayana from Ravan’s side.

4) The number of Ramayan comes to be #1- that is it is the number 1 book to be referred to at least for Hindus. A leader within the scriptures.

5) Lanka vibrates top compound number 12. So though 1+2= 3, means fun and frolic and opulence- as confirmed by descriptions in Ramayan.

It also indicates one being sacrificed due to plans of others – this what exactly happened – as due to Ravan people of Lanka had to suffer – they had to take anxiety due to others (Ravan). So the compound number interpretation exactly matches with what had happened.

Now readers you can see how well Numerology fits in to analyze the characters and places of ancient past of Ramayana.

We can see how the power of vibrations can affect the destiny of the person or the nations like Lanka (Lanka was known as Lanka in those days- now only it has changed to Sri-Lanka.).

Wishing you good luck!!!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,