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The nine planets and Lakshmi Sadhana

According to astrology, days and nights are divided into 12 signs, and every living being is born under one of them. Each sign has its specific impacts. There are nine goddesses associated with these planets. Similarly, there are nine avatars of Goddess Lakshmi, one associated with each planet. All the nine avatars of Lakshmi are worshipped.

Given below is the description of Lakshmi’s nine avatars associated with different planets. We have also provided information on the positive and negative impacts of these planets.

  1. Surya (Sun) Lakshmi: Positive impact is plenty of wealth by genuine means, while negative impact includes wealth procured in a dishonest way.
  2. Chandra (Moon) Lakshmi: Positive effect is good health, while negative influence includes ill-health.
  3. Mangal (Mars) Lakshmi: If the planet favours you, success will come easy, and if you are not blessed, you may be overwhelmed by a string of collapses.
  4. Budh (Mercury) Lakshmi: With the help of Mercury, you can achieve gold medals in school and college; otherwise, you will have to be satisfied with just a consolatory result.
  5. Guru (Jupiter) Lakshmi: Blessings of Jupiter include begetting well-mannered children. However, if Jupiter is angry at you, you may have children with no virtues.
  6. Shukra (Venus) Lakshmi: If you want a good wife, worship Venus; but the evil eye of Venus may give you just the opposite – a wicked wife.
  7. Shani (Saturn) Lakshmi: Positive impact brings plenty of wealth earned by genuine means, while negative impact includes wealth procured in dishonest ways.
  8. Rahu Lakshmi: If Rahu smiles at you, you will have good friends; but a single venomous glance from Rahu can spoil your life as you will be surrounded by liars and cheats.
  9. Ketu Lakshmi: A humble Ketu can give you fame, while a cruel one can bring blasphemy.

If blessed by the nine avatars of Lakshmi, our life can become perfect. Following is the ultimate mantra which, when recited by a person, can help him/her attain salvation.

”Om Hreem Ashtalakshmeya Daridraya Vinashini Sarvasukha Smruddhi
Dehi Dehi Hreem Om Namah!!”

Lakshmi Mantra associated with each Rashi:
Aries: Om Aem Kleem Saun
Taurus: Om Aem Kleem Shri
Gemini: Om Kleem Aem Saun
Cancer: Om Aem Kleem Shri
Leo: Om Hreem Shreem Saun
Virgo: Om Shree Aem Om
Libra: Om Hreem Kleem Shree
Scorpio: Om Aem Kleem Saun
Sagittarius: Om Hreem Kleem Saun
Capricorn: Om Aem Kleem Hreem Shree Saun
Aquarius: Om Hreem Aem Kleem Shree
Pisces: Om Hreem Kleem Saun

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