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The Mars-Ketu Conjunction

Ganesha observes that on June 17, 2008 at 08:22:00 in morning, there will be a close conjunction of Mars and Ketu in Cancer with 27:27:29 degrees in Ashlesha Pada-4. This conjunction will take place during Cancer Ascendant and Cancer Navamansh near Mumbai. At the time of conjunction Moon will be posited in Scorpio with 14:41:47 degrees.

The properties of Mars and Ketu are as follows:

Rank: Subrahmanya
Color: Short, blood-red
Element: Fire
Nature: Tamasic
Description: Blood-red eyes, fickle-minded, liberal, bilious, given to anger, thin waist, thin body
Abode: Place of fire
Taste: Bitter
Strong Direction: South and South-East
Trees: Bitter trees
Clothes: Red silk
Season: Greeshma
Substance: Dhatu

Externally Mars signifies people who execute commands or exhibit some sort of strength. Trainers, commanders, CEO, generals, or anyone who plays a highly assertive and potentially aggressive role. Also people who deal with fire, heat, machines or weapons.

Physically Mars relates to the aspects of the body that deal with energy, strength and defense. The digestive fire and metabolic rate, Pitta in general, the muscles, the immune system, production of antibodies and bone marrow.

Internally Mars represents our mental strength, assertiveness, boldness, concentration, motivation, will, irritation, and aggression.

Spiritually Mars represents the Muladhara Chakara in human body. Color of this Chakara is Blood Red. Lord Ganesha rules over the planet mars.

Qualities signified by Mars: Strong, intense, assertive, challenging, defending, upholding, resisting, angry, radiant and warm.

Caste: Mixed caste
Trees: Anthills
Clothes: Rags
Color: Blue gem

Externally Ketu signifies people who are mysterious, who hold abstract or incomprehensible views, who do not show their true identity like spies, mathematicians, people who have flashes of insights and inventors.

Physically: Ketu would co-signify the same parts as Mars.

Internally Ketu represents detachment and the ability to contact a subtle and powerful state of the mind. Experiences of higher states of consciousness at its best and delusions at its worst are signified by Ketu.

Spiritually Ketu acts in the same manner as Mars according to Ganesha.

Qualities signified by Ketu: Unpredictable, subtle, abstract, universal, intelligent, insightful and psychic.

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