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The Law of Karma is a reflection of the Cause and Effect Theory

hat we have to Give, otherwise it takes the form of “Sanchit Karma”. Moreover, any bad deed that is committed is sure to catch up with the being, unfailingly somewhere in the future.

Here goes the story:
After the Mahabharat war King Dhritrashtra asked Lord Krishna ” Hey Krishna I dont understand the reasons for my losing all my 100 young sons in this war when I have apparently done no crime”.Lord Krishna out of His grace granted Dhritarashtra the divine vision to look back into his previous births. Dhritrashtra discovered that 50 Births back he was a hunter and once threw a burning net on a tree causing a 100 Birds to be burnt to death while the remaining birds flew away but became blind due to the scorching heat.Due to the effect of this sin he was destined to remain blind in this Life and also lose his 100 sons.Dhritrashtra then enquired “Krishna why did not I get punishment there and then in that birth itself, or the next birth, for the great sin I had committed? Why now?”Lord Krishna smiled and replied “Your past sinful deed had to wait for an opportune time upto 50 Births during which time you could earn and accumulate enough pious deeds to attain the merit to be eligible enough to get a 100 sons in one Life time so that your previous sinful Sanchit Karma could instantaneously confront you with the effects of that evil action.”

This is the Law of nature and effect of Sanchit Karmas. That is why, in our Vedic scriptures, there is a lot of emphasis laid on the idea of doing good karmas.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Dharmeshh Joshi,

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