The importance of blood groups in match making

The importance of blood groups in match making

Normally, Astrologers do the Kundli matching by considering the horoscopes of the two individuals. However, there are times when it becomes necessary to go through the blood groups of the prospective candidates to compare the compatibility between them. To know the relations between various blood groups is an astrologers’ prime responsibility. The chart below mentions the matching blood groups and the blood groups that do not match with each other.

Blood Groups that do not match:

Sr. Boy Girl
1 A O & B
2 B O & A
3 AB O, A & B
4 Rh+ve Rh-ve

Matching Blood Groups:

Sr. Boy Girl
1 A A & AB
2 B B & AB
3 O O, A, B & AB
5 Rh+ve Rh+ve
6 Rh-ve Rh+ve & Rh-ve

If we follow the above chart of the matching and not-matching blood groups, it will definitely help in finding a better match. There are times when horoscopes score a perfect ten on ten astrologically, but if the blood groups of the two people do not match, it creates trouble between them in future.

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Santosh Deuskar
Celebrity Astrologer
The Ganeshaspeaks Team

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