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The efficacy of ‘Kundali Matching’

It is believed that every living being has it’s own energy fields. And each of these energy fields is governed by certain planets and signs of the zodiac. Every energy field may not be compatible with all other energy fields in this world, owing to governing planets and signs of zodiac. For example, water and fire do not gel well because water can put out fire. This is where the custom of Matching Kundali or Horoscope Matching becomes important, as it helps one get a fair idea about the compatibility between the proposed couple.

Horoscope matching has the ability to create a stable society with the help of set guidelines or set of rules. For e.g., if a person has a very strong Mars in his or her birth chart, the person will be very intense, full of zeal, and very active. Whereas a person with a weak Mars will not be so intense. Now, if these two people marry each other, the person with strong Mars will always feel that the other partner is too dull or unenthusiastic. Likewise, the person with weak Mars may feel too pressurised with the speed and intensity of the partner with a strong Mars. This would, hence, not be an ideal match.

Astrology System, the method widely used for Match Making is the Ashtakoot method (the eight point method). According to this method, eight different parameters are considered while measuring the compatibility, and each parameter is indicative of a particular facet of life. This system
helps us know whether the person will be comfortable with the other, in that facet of life. Each of these parameters are accorded points, and if the total points thus recorded are above 18, it is considered to be an average match, if less than 18, the match is not recommended. If obtained points are above 24, the match is considered as above average, and if above 28, it is considered to be a good match. All the parameters taken into account, while matching the horoscopes, and the maximum marks attributed to each are as mentioned below. Also mentioned is the meaning of each parameter. This system
has remained unbeaten since ages for judging the compatibility between a couple.

1 Varna Compatibility on Social values 1 point
2 Vashya Compatibility on Adjustment levels 2 points
3 Tara/Dina Compatibility on individual destinies 3 points
4 Yoni Sexual compatibility 4 points
5 Grah Maitri Compatibility on conjugal harmony 5 points
6 Gana Compatibility on Personality traits 6 points
7 Bhakoot Compatibility on social and economical status 7 points
8 Naadi Compatibility to bear offsprings 8 points

Match making done by following this system is scientifically correct. Ganesha would like to cite an example.

Naadi Dosha in Kundli Matching indicates delay or difficulties in child birth. If Madhya Naadi Dosha is indicated by guna matching, the couple may remain bereft of a child if the affliction is strong enough. The reason: Naadi indicates Prakriti (basic element) of a person. These Prakritis are Vaata, Pitta and

If both the partners are born with same Prakriti, the points obtained under Naadi  would be zero. The purpose of marriage is not only to continue having
a happy life with each other but also to propagate the family. If the couple remains bereft of the happiness of parenthood, the marriage can be quite sorrowful in the later years, as there is no one to support the couple in old age.

Adhya Naadi Vaata Windy disposition Dry and Cold
Madhya Naadi Pitta Bilious disposition High Metabolic Rate
Antya Naadi Kapha Phlegmatic disposition Oily and suave

Madhya Naadi Dosha

is considered to be the strongest of all the three, as bilious disposition or Pitta Prakriti burns the semen. Hence, the chance of successful conception of
progeny becomes less, mainly because the longevity of a sperm is only of 3 to 5 days and Pitta Prakriti has the tendency to burn it. Hence a couple with Madhya Naadi Dosha has very low fertility.

One can vouch for astrology as a science, far ahead in time, that helps predict everything in such minute details backed with correct scientific explanation, just based on the date, time and place of birth of a person! But will the couple prove to be lucky for each other or not? Whether the couple will make financial progress, post marriage, or not? Such questions, too, can be answered with ease through detailed horoscope matching.

There are many other astrological parameters which are considered while matching horoscopes. This also includes the concept of composite charts,
through which we can derive whether two people will be comfortable in each other’s presence or not, how would their lives unfold, whether one will brighten or dampen positive qualities of the other. This is the reason why horoscope matching should be done for the bride and groom before finalising a marriage.

In short, kundali matching or horoscope matching is the key to a successful and harmonious married life.

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Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team