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The connection between single women and the 8th House

The connection between single women and the 8th House

All planets and Houses affect us in some way or the other, but some planets and Houses have an extra effect. However, what is extra and different from other Houses, is a big query. Three Houses in Horoscope are not considered good enough namely the Sixth, the Eighth and the Twelfth. These Houses give more positive and negative results than any other Houses of Horoscope. Hereby, we research on single women and what affects them from the Eighth House of Horoscope.

Planet signifying Rajsik and Tamsik nature of women depends on Yoga and bhog, that is Mars and Venus. These planets activate the world by desires and therefore their role is very important in a female’s horoscope.

In the Indian society, prosperity and happiness of a woman depends on her Saubhagg or well-being of her husband. Saubhagg in a woman’s Horoscope is seen from the Eighth House, which with benefic planets in it and aspected by benefics, indicates happiness. Individual assessment is done by polite behaviour, wise thinking and unblemished character. This is seen by well-aspected, well-connected Eighth House. Malefic influence on the Eighth House shows dependence and miseries, which may be destructive for a woman. Uncontrolled luxurious life, lack of self discipline and secrets or unethical income is also seen by the Eighth House and planets placed in it.

According to various researches, female horoscopes show favourable conditions of marriage if the Eighth House is afflicted. The Eighth House signifies the auspiciousness of the horoscope. Customs, traditions, modesty and dignity is depicted by the Eighth House. It should be analysed from Lagna, Moon and Venus in Rashi, Navamsha and Trimshamsha chart.

Eighth from Lagna:- Happiness, longevity, good or bad health, wealth, relationship with family and fate or luck is seen by this House.

Eighth from Moon:- Afflicted 8th House 8th Lord shows tension and stress, conflicts, psychological activities associated with marriage, desire of solitude is seen from this House.

Eighth from Venus:- If 8th Lord from Venus is in degree conjunction with Venus, there are chances of remaining single. A woman will develop emotional indifference towards marriage and will want to lead a pious life of celibacy and asceticism.

Malefic influence on Venus may give veneral diseases, dishonour and disgrace. If 8th House is afflicted in D/1, D/9, D/30 the woman leads a lonely life at a secluded place.

If with afflicted 8th House there is association with the 11th House 11th Lord, the lady will be career-oriented and will not marry in order to fulfil her ambitions.

They become very ambitious and do not get satisfied even after great achievements, in order to earn more money they neglect all customs and traditions established by the society. To get ancestral property, they remain unmarried. They even practice unethical means and modesty without hesitation to earn good money as they are attracted towards various means of secret earnings.

Some remain single due to poverty. If Lagna Lord is in the 8th House and 8th Lord in Lagna with 2nd Lord, it indicates poverty. If the 7th Lord is combust , debilitated or afflicted, there is no chance of marriage due to poverty.

If Lagna Lord, 8th Lord and 7th Lord are on same degree or conjoined together, the lady will suffer from some disease or disorder. If the Sun and the Moon are aspected by Saturn and either of the two is 8th Lord, she will remain single for being physically or mentally challenged.

In today’s era, women’s attitude towards life has become more carefree; they believe in enjoying life to the hilt. Their mindset has shifted from being a traditional homely woman to an self-reliant individual. They prefer to look beautiful, have an independent career and enjoy life without any responsibilities of marriage. They don’t mind sacrificing their modesty and chastity to earn more money. Luxuries and lavish lifestyle has become the way of their life and they like to remain single; away from the grueling pressures of the family.

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