14 Ways Taurus Reasserted Their Selves In 2014

1. You had ‘Your Way’!

2. You looked and felt good at parties, events and outings….so much so that the others were left wondering, how do you manage to (almost) always manage to look so well turned out.

3. Your sweet smile and charming ways charmed and bewitched many – as always! And, even amidst the chaos, you remained ‘cool’ or at least managed to ‘act calm’.

4. You could not be bothered to do much beyond what was strictly required. After all, only a fool would over-exert or do more than needed! Right? 😉

5. You refused to give in to other people’s demands – but calmly and in your serene style – so no one was offended, and you still managed to have ‘Your Own Way’!

6. You ogled at almost all the gourmet delights, which were so beautifully captured, and published on various media – including the special FB pages, newspaper adverts etc.

7. And, you DID NOT miss on any of the new restaurant openings in your city – either you ensured going there on the opening day itself or went later (which was pretty soon, somehow), OR you ensured you kept blabbering about it to your friends/ beloved till the time they agreed to accompany you there 😀

8. You were the sweetest, most loyal and extremely romantic sweetheart to your beloved, doing all you could and making space in all the ways you ought to – so your special person will be happy and contended…

9. But, you were also very very Possessive (with a capital P) in your relationship, because you don’t really believe in sharing, when it comes to some of the most important people in your life.

10. And, however angry this may have made your beloved/ sweetheart, in the end, you managed to convince them that all this was in the ‘name of true love’. So, there is no point fighting over it or anything. As always, you had ‘Your Way’!

11. You, like almost always, managed to streamline all the areas of your life – however, disparate they were – and yet managed to keep them neatly classified, separated well from each other. Who knows the art of compartmentalizing each area of life so primly that no one is unhappy in the end. Parents – check; Sweetie – double-check: Boss – hmm treble check! Yes, you know how to completely close your mind to one area, as soon as you leave that zone. Talk about ‘Zoning Out’!

12. You were the best ‘Secret Keeper’ – loyal and dedicated – to others and your own self. You are trustworthy, and your best people already know that well. So, they do not feel scared of sharing their little secrets with you. And, when it comes to your own little quirks – you don’t share them with others unless, you deem right.

13. You heard calmly and smilingly to all the people who criticized you, and even openly blamed your lazy ways. And, as always, you did not do anything about this trait of yours. After all, you love yourself the way you are – and no one, absolutely no one can push you to do anything that you do not desire or deem right for yourself.

14. You loved the way a fabric felt against your skin, the way your beloved’s kisses caressed your cheek and left you dizzy, the way a new dish’s taste exploded on your taste buds, the breezy texture of a dress, the ethereal feel of a flower, the warp and weft in a tapestry and the balmy, velvety touch of a baby’s soft skin – all the little, tactile details, which others miss, but the ones, which always manage to ‘touch’ your core.

We wish you a very happy 2015! May you add many more happy details to your life…Ganesha wishes you luck!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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