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What do the Tarot Cards say for your Sun Sign for May 2015?

What do the Tarot Cards say for your Sun Sign for May 2015?

Theme of the Month of May 2015 – A look at the Tarot Card list for the month of May for all Sun Signs will tell you that the dominant theme of the month is Pentacles. As many as 5 Signs out of 12 have received Pentacles suit Cards. 4 Signs have got Major Arcana Cards, 3 of them in reversed positions, while the other 3 Signs have got 1 each from Cups, Wands and Swords suits.

Pentacles – The suit of Pentacles, often represented by the image of coins or disks, signifies the element of Earth in a Tarot deck. The Cards in the Pentacles suit are obvious representations of the material aspects of life, including senses, food, finances, money, investments, possessions, tangible stuff, trade and work. They are also known to indicate the external level of consciousness in a person’s life, and thus signify areas like career, health, creativity to some extent, will to work, esteem, status etc. This suit is typically associated with the Earth Zodiac Signs Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo.

Since, Pentacles appear predominantly in May’s Sun Signs’ reading, we can assume that most people shall be focussed on their material goals, financial matters and career/ work aims at this time. In its negative interpretation, this may also indicate that the world’s focus, broadly, shall now be on material and external stuff, selfish needs and worldly desires, rather than deeper, more profound areas.

Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.comThe Empress – Reversed
Indications for the Reversed Empress Card –
Neglect, lack of compassion, support, protection or care, blockage, fertility issues, loss of creativity, too much dependence on others, inability to spend time with the self and family, blocking environment.
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Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.comStrength – Reversed
Indications for the Reversed Strength Card –
Lack of inner strength, lack of self-discipline, weakness, inability to take courageous, bold action, passive behaviour, lack of speed or progress, self doubt, failure, cowardliness, depression, despair.
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Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.comThe Page of Wands
In its upright position, the Page of Wands indicates qualities like enthusiasm, free spirit, readiness to explore, distinctive ability, courage, discovery and openness. The Card represents new beginnings and passion for change.
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Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.comThe Six of Pentacles
This Card indicates at qualities of generosity, openness and readiness to give back. The Card also signifies charity, prosperity, harmony in the financial sphere and material happiness.
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Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.comThe Five of Pentacles
Appearance of Five in a reading from any suit, generally, points at the lack of something. In case of the Five of Pentacles, the broader indications include insecurity over financial matters, worries about monetary sphere, possible losses or money getting stuck, dearth of material resources etc.
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GaneshaSpeaks.comThe Ace of Pentacles
Ace is often a positive Card, and in the suit of Pentacles, it represents new opportunities in the material realm, entrepreneurship, prosperity, recovery of lost money, inheritance, wealth and manifestation of goals.
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GaneshaSpeaks.comThe King of Swords – Reversed
Indications for the Reversed King of Swords Card –
Manipulation, tyrannical attitude or tyrannical attitude of someone close or in power, abuse or being abusive, wrong use of power, detachment from human values, being too harsh or callous, being overly logical or being guided or dominated by such a person.
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Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.comThe Queen of Pentacles – Reversed
Indications for the Reversed Queen of Pentacles Card –
In its upright position, this is a positive Card. However, when the Queen of Pentacles appears reversed in a reading, it is symbolic of a glaring imbalance between material/ monetary goals and home/ personal pursuits. One may be consumed by work and material pursuits at such a time.
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Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.comThe Three of Pentacles
This Card is symbolic of financial initiative. It also points at the need for effective team-work, if a monetary/ material goal is to be achieved, and may also imply completion of the first phase of a project/ activity.
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Tarot Predictions, GaneshaSpeaks.comThe Lovers – Reversed
Indications for the Reversed Lovers Card –
Lack of choices, disharmony, loss of love or the feeling of love, complacency in relationship, imbalance of values, misalignment of goals, being at a moral crossroads and choosing the wrong path, avoiding responsibilities in a relationship, indication that feelings in a prospective bond are not mutual.
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GaneshaSpeaks.comJudgement –
Indicative of a need for inner reflection and evaluation of a certain way of life, this Card symbolises rebirth, revival, fair judgement, conclusions and re-awakening of sorts.
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GaneshaSpeaks.comThe King of Cups
Like other Royal Arcana King Cards, the King of Cups indicates at a certain level of authority and control, and since it’s a Cups’ suit Card, it symbolises control over one’s heart, feelings and emotions.
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