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Sun Transit In Sagittarius 2018: Know How Will It Impact Your Moon Sign

Begins: 16th December 2018
Ends: 14th January 2019

Sun will move out of the Scorpio sign and enter Sagittarius on the 16th of December, 2018. It will stay there till the 14 of January 2019, after which Sun will move to Capricorn. This month is also called Dhanurmas or Malmaas. People avoid getting married during this month. All the auspicious works are stalled, and they are resumed only after Makar Sankranti. Now, let us see how will this month-long phase influence the 12 Moon signs:

(Please Note: The predictions are to be considered according to the Moon Sign. But, some effects will also be applicable to the Ascendants.

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Sun Transit In the 9th House

For Aries, Sun will pass through your House of Luck. Thus, you will witness very auspicious developments. Your interpersonal relationships will improve. Your bonding with relatives will get stronger. You will also feel inclined towards religion and spirituality. You may spend more on religious activities. There will be more harmony in your family. You will get cooperation from your son/daughter. Do you want to know about your marriage prospects in 2023? Buy the 2023 Love Life + Marriage Prospects Report.

Sun Transit In the 8th House

Mutual understanding may become less. There may be conflicts in your family. Keep your anger and ego under control. Be alert towards your enemies. Your mother’s health may deteriorate, which may become a cause of concern. You will have to be very cautious while taking important decisions. Those into jobs or business will have to be careful.

Sun Transit In the 7th House

Stay away from arguments with your life partner. You will get success in the day to day business by your brave steps. You may face problems in your love and relationship matters. Stay away from legal tangles. You will keep your rivals under check. Be careful in your business partnerships. Do you want to know your business future? Access the 2023 Business Report.

Sun Transit In the 6th House

Your luck will not favour you and you may face obstacles in the tasks that you undertake. However, your rivals will not be able to put you down. You may face problems with your maternal uncle. You may even suffer from stomach related ailments. You should be careful about the type of food that you consume. You may give or take loans which may increase your expenses. Job doers will get gains.

Sun Transit In the 5th House

You may face setbacks in matters of love relationships. You will need to control your behaviour. cautious when dealing with your son and daughter. In health, you may face gas related problems. Your self-confidence will increase. You may get success in the competitive exam. Students or those into education sector will stand to gain.

Sun Transit In the 4th House

You may have to stay away from home. You will continue to hold influence in your profession. You will get more effective. Family life will be happy. You may also get opportunities to make financial gains. Take good care of your mother’s health. Your rivals will continue their efforts to destabilise you.

Sun Transit In the 3rd House

You will have lots of courage. Your hard work and efforts will be appreciated. Your siblings and friends will support you. As luck will be on your side, so you will be successful in all types of efforts. Your partners will help you very much. Those who are in creative pursuits will get benefits.

Sun Transit In the 2nd House

You will make financial gains, however, you may also incur expenses. Some mental problem may trouble you during this phase. At the same time, those employed will get success. Matters related to the government will meet their conclusion. Those into business too will also make progress. Take your father into confidence in the important matters.

Sun Transit In the 1st House

You may get promoted to a good post. You will be very busy in professional matters. Take good care of your health. You will get the much-needed cooperation from your father in some important matter. Your respect and prestige are all set to increase. Those into government jobs will make good progress.

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Sun Transit In the12th House

Stay alert and cautious. Be careful while travelling. You will need to control your mind. As you will have a hectic schedule, you may get tired, sees Ganesha. You will have to work harder for every task. At the same time, your rivals won’t succeed in demoralising you, says Ganesha.

Sun Transit In the 11th House

You may organise some auspicious event at home. Your father or elder brother will help you in various ways. You may go on a trip. Planets will support you in the expansion of your wealth. Besides, you will get the support of government officials in some prominent tasks. Those who are seeking jobs may taste success. Your in-laws will give you a reason to smile.

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Sun Transit In the10th House

This time frame will the best for your profession. You may get promoted to a big post. As work will be more, you may feel tired. Your family life will be happy. You should expand your skills, says Ganesha. On the whole, its going to be a mixed bag for you, foresees Ganesha.

You can practice the following rituals daily during the Sun Transit in Sagittarius: Offer water mixed with milk and mishri to the Sun during sunrise; avoid salt completely.

Also, chant the following Mantras 108 times for all the days of Sun Transit:

Surya Aditya Mantra:
ॐ घृणि सूर्य: आदित्य:या ॐ

Gayatri Mantra:
ॐ भूर्भुवः स्वः
तत्सवी- तुवरण्यम
भर-गो देवसयाह धीमही
धियो यो न: प्रचोदयात्

Besides, initiate any task after taking your father’s blessings. This will do away with the negative influence of the Sun. All these rituals and mantras will enable

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