Zodiac Sign-wise guide to celebrating the New Year’s Eve!

The last day of the year is a special occasion, for it brings with it the promise of new beginnings and hope for a new year filled with celebratory moments. As each Sun Sign welcomes the new year, they celebrate the last day of the year that’s gone by in different ways. Some want a romantic dinner under the stars, while some want to party until dawn. Read on to find out the perfect New Year’s Eve for every Sun Sign.

Aries is the outgoing party animal, so it is natural they would want to go to one of the hippest New Year’s bashes. Given their enormous social circle, they are sure to be surrounded by friends. Once they have entered the party, they will waste no time on formalities, preferring instead to hit the floor and dance the night away.

Taurus is heavily influenced by Venus, so romance runs through their veins. These loving souls want the year to end on a romantic note, and can be found in the quietest corner of an exclusive restaurant. There will be a panoramic view in the backdrop, as they hold hands with their love, gaze amorously into their eyes, and whisper sweet nothings into their ears.

Gemini is the sign of communications, so they love being around people and exchanging ideas. Their idea of a fun party is one with loud music and lots of friends, so they can have a ball of a time. After they have drained themselves of their energy, they will happily lounge on the sofa with a drink in their hand, and talk about anything under the sun.

Cancer is the sign of emotional bonding, so their New Year’s festivities are sure to include uncles and aunts, cousins and siblings, parents and grand-parents, and most importantly friends and partners. With a glass of hot cocoa or wine in everyone’s hand, and lots of tempting starters baking in the oven, the family will take a walk down memory lane, and ring in the New Year with laughter.

Leo is the embodiment of drama, so how could New Year’s eve be remotely commonplace? Their expression of love is also larger than life, so they may suddenly take it in their heads to propose to their beloved, on their way to their beach house, where they can raise a toast to the New Year by clinking their champagne glasses together.

Virgo is definitely going to be the party planner this New Year’s eve, so don’t be surprised if you see them running helter skelter getting everything in order before the big celebration begins. They want to be perfect hosts, taking it upon themselves to ensure there are no slip-ups and their guests have a great time. Once in a while, they just need to be reminded to take part in the fun themselves.

Libra is the aesthetic one, so no loud music or crowded get-together for them. They are certainly not bores, but they would rather invest their energies in a house party with their choice of music, comfy sofas to lounge on, and warm romantic lighting. Good food and interesting company will only add to the relaxing quotient.

Scorpio has some crazy plans up their sleeve for New Year’s eve, and their partner is going to be a willing accomplice. They might belt out an impromptu number at a lounge, or break into a fancy jig in the middle of the dance floor. At the other extreme, they may just take off with their mates for a night cruise and begin the year by watching the night sky lit up by some spectacular fireworks.

Sagittarius is the sign that aims to reach the top in everything they do � a trait that is reflected in their choice of a New Year’s eve venue. They love looking down on the city, so whether it’s the Petronas Towers or the tallest skyscraper in the area, they will go up and breathe in the midnight air while the shimmering lights of the city below twinkle back at them.

Capricorn raises the bar when it comes to New Year’s eve parties, because they have such high expectations from such an event themselves. Everything will be planned to the T, and all preparations will be t asteful and elegant, especially if they intend to host a party for business colleagues and contacts; everyone is sure to come away delighted.

Aquarius is the wild child, gearing up for a crazy adventure trip this New Year’s eve. They have to get their adrenaline high, be it through a moonlight deep sea diving session, or a race to the top of a grassy mountain. It goes without saying that these activities will include all their friends, as they don’t want anyone to miss out on the thrill.

Pisces cannot imagine a New Year’s eve celebration which is not drenched in romance. Their idea of a perfect dreamy date is a candle-lit dinner by the seaside, with waves lapping at their feet, and soft music playing in the background. They would love to delegate the planning, but they have so many fantasies to come true, that they would rather do it themselves.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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