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What does your Zodiac Sign say about your Career choice?

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People having sun sign Aries are outgoing, dynamic and confident in nature. Ruled by the planet Mars, these fiery creatures usually have a direct ‘on your face’ kind of approach and like to deal with every situation with their characteristic haste and impatience. These individuals are perfect in careers that involve the government, as it gives them enough dose of power and acts as a ego booster. Careers in fields like construction and education are also suitable for them.

Individuals having sun sign Taurus are reliable and practical in their approach. They are down to earth, (being an earth sign helps them to acquire this trait) and also take every decision with due consideration and rarely by impulse. As Taurus natives are ruled by the planet Venus, this also adds an element of sophistication and luxury to their nature. The career fields most suitable for them include finance, accounting and law. To cater to their artistic and luxurious nature, Taurus individuals can also become great interior designers.

Gemini individuals are always seeking variety and verve in all their pursuits and get easily bored with routine and methodical jobs. Ruled by the planet Mercury, these Air sign individuals are perfect in career roles such as architecture, designing and writing. Since Gemini individuals love to talk and communicate (Mercury is the messenger of the Gods), these people are also best suited in careers related to sales and marketing.

Individuals having Cancer as their sun sign are emotional, kindhearted and imaginative in nature. Since they are ruled by Moon (associated with emotions and feelings), these water sign individuals are protective and nostalgic as well. Career fields best suited for Cancer natives are psychology, nursing and legal services. They can also excel in careers related to history and archeology.

People having Leo as their sun sign are born leaders, charismatic and optimistic in their approach. These individuals have a huge ego and a constant lust for power, limelight and leadership. Ruled by Sun, these individuals always want to be in the center stage and win the adulation of the masses. The careers best suited for Leo individuals are in the fields of entertainment, engineering and real estate (where they always have a scope of doing something grand and thus bedazzle everyone).

Individuals having sun sign Virgo are most likely to be detail oriented and have a passion for acquiring knowledge and meaning in whatever they do. Ruled by the planet Mercury, these individuals can make great careers in the fields of social work, writing and editing (where one requires an eye for detail and accuracy) and also fields involving research and analysis.

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People having Libra as their sun sign are diplomatic in their approach and sociable. These individuals being ruled by planet Venus are also easy going and co operative in nature. Due to the artistic influence of Venus, Libra individuals can make great careers in fields related to music, arts and acting. These people are also conscious of maintaining a perfect balance in whatever they do (no wonder the symbol of their sun sign is a balance) and hence can become perfect judges, as they tend to balance out the interests and viewpoints of both the opposing parties involved.

Individuals having Scorpio as their sun sign are thoroughly analytical in nature, and also possess well a developed power of intuition and are resourceful. The ruling planet of this sign is Mars, and Scorpio individuals have a knack of delving deep in the heart of any person and know their innermost secrets, while being completely secretive about their own feelings. Such kind of people are best suited in careers like investigation (detectives), politics and legal services.

Sagittarius individuals possess the traits of being positive and being ethical. These individuals are considered as the philosophers of the zodiac and are inclined towards spirituality and travel. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, the individuals having Sagittarius as their sun sign are best suited for careers involving marketing and public relations. Also, they can excel in careers like IT and travel related jobs.

Individuals having Capricorn as their sun sign are persistent and responsible in their approach. Capricorn individuals are quite dogmatic in nature and prefer to take a proven and time tested approach rather than take the path less traveled. Ruled by the planet Saturn, which imparts these individuals with a strict discipline and a sense of purpose. Careers related to science, IT and positions of authority in the corporate world are best suited for Capricorn individuals.

People having Aquarius as their sun sign are mostly independent in nature, humane and possess the knack for innovation and cutting edge research. Aquarius individuals are unconventional in nature and public causes appeal to them a lot. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Aquarius individuals can excel in careers where they be scientists, technology geeks and app developers amongst others.

Individuals having Pisces as their sun sign are usually caring in nature, unselfish in their dealings and compassionate in their relationships. These individuals are ruled by the planet Jupiter and they are great in careers that require empathy and a deep understanding of human emotions. They can make great careers in fields related to social work, health care and facilities management.

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