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Sun Signs and Your Wedding Saree…Is it a match? (First Six Signs)

Sun Signs and Your Wedding Saree…Is it a match? 
(First Six Signs)

Well, if you are an Indian woman or have ever had the good fortune of donning the 9 yards of gorgeousness, you will surely know that there is no dress more graceful and sensuous than an Indian Saree. It is India’s national costume (for females) not without a reason! For, Saree is possibly the only apparel in the world, which despite being un-stitched or unstructured – has the power to lend unsurpassed elegance to the wearer. It also is a garment that beautifully blends the old with the new, that wonderfully covers as much as it reveals.But, truth is, given the modern life’s humdrum and fast pace, the ever-increasing influence of Western/ fusion silhouettes and a definite need for ease and comfort, fewer (than ever) Indian women now wear Sarees regularly. It is not a dress that will allow you to run endlessly behind buses or kids, squeeze yourself easily in and out of a packed train compartment or sit on your desk till 8 in the night, without getting cumbersome and messy. Plus, Saree requires careful tying, tucking, pinning and maintaining, if you are to look really well turned out. Hence!

Yet, almost all Indian women will agree that when it comes to their wedding and trousseau, Saree invariably forms an integral part of it all. No grand Indian wedding is complete unless the bride and her clout have flaunted their colourful, splashy, blingy Sarees with sexy cholis and blouses. In fact, Saree almost always forms the part of gifts given by a mom-in-law to her daughter-in-law and vice versa. And, every major celebration or festival still (for women) means a new Saree in many Indian households. Such is the undying charm of a Saree!

However, choosing a great yet well-suited Saree is a huge task. After all, there are so many, just so many, variations, styles, colours, fabrics, textures available. Whether you are choosing a Saree for yourself or for a loved one, you will face this issue. What to do? Well, not always, but at least sometimes, you can take cues from the Sun Signs. Really! Yes, because each Sun Sign has specific preferences, and they even can be applied to their Saree choice. How? Read on….


The exuberant and short on patience Aries won’t wish to pick a Saree that’s too heavy or difficult to tie or carry. Aries, any way, may not wish to wear her Saree for a long time, so she will also not wish to invest heavily in it. Plus, given the Aries’ energy and momentum, she will be moving a plenty, so the Aries woman will like to keep her dress (Saree) simple and fuss-free. If you combine all that, a Saree in Semi-Crepe, Georgette or mixed-Chiffon fabrics will suit the Aries’ tastes the best. When in comes to patterns, a plain with a dressy border Saree – not very heavy on pocket, easy to drape and carry, stylish and slimming – shall suit the requirements well. Not to forget, a Ram lady must choose a Saree that won’t require a lot of care in washing and maintenance. Thus, semi or mixed fabrics (not pure), which are largely wrinkle-free will be the best bet in this fast zone. Colours, however, are the area, where Rams can afford to experiment the most – from rainbow, eclectic hues to deep, dark reds and saffrons, they usually manage to carry almost everything. Bling, though, may be kept minimal.

Taurus - Wedding Saree

The practical and stable Taurus is often very conservative at heart. So, most Taurus women love Sarees, but may find it a tad impractical for their everyday wardrobe. Yet, when it comes to special occasions, you will invariably see a Bull woman donning the perfectly draped, amazingly tucked and pinned, primly carried, solid coloured Saree. They love silk Sarees the most, and do not like to experiment much by investing in heavily embroidered or over-the-top, faddish Sarees. Silks, they choose, too are not of the heavy, weighed down varieties. In fact, it’s a Taurean’s endeavour to carefully blend the intriguing modern (and realistic) with the grounding traditional. Thus, the Sarees that will remain evergreen, always stylish and elegant are a Bull woman’s best friends. They choose lightly printed silks over busy, brocade ones and pure, pristine Crepes, laces and Lucknowis over shimmering nets and portly Zardozi embroideries. Colour palette for the Taurus too is quite wide, but most of them won’t be experimental in this area too. So, greens, pastels, baby pinks, ethereal fawns and subtle blues are what you will usually see on these pretty women. After care and maintenance is often thought out much in advance by them, and they often end up keeping their Sarees fresh for years.

Gemini - Wedding Saree

The versatile and wavering Gemini doesn’t give much of a thought to something as inconsequential (to them) as a Saree. Yes, they will buy it for their wedding or a special occasion, maybe a festival in between, but that’s about it. Saree buying, unlike most other women, is not a special thing for many Gemini women. They are too busy in their busy lives and themselves to give it much of a thought or effort. Most Sarees, thus, these women have will either be gifted or bought under pressure, unless this is a one-off Gemini, who adores Sarees. Witty and charming, the Twins woman is in a hurry to get over any activity, and tying a Saree is not something that she is likely to particularly enjoy. So, you may see many of these ladies buying ready-to-wear, half-stitched or stitched pleated Sarees, off the shelves of regular or designer stores. Nonetheless, Geminis are fashionable and love following the fads, so these women will go all out and experimental while buying their Sarees. So, all fancy styles, latest fads and fabrics may be seen in their collection.

Cancer - Wedding Saree

The watery Cancer tends to wander between extremes in choices and preferences, and so goes for their Sarees. However, traditionalists they are, they tend to stick to certain tried and tested styles and patterns. Their wedding trousseau is most likely to have hand-loom, heirloom Sarees belonging to their own cultural backdrop, like heavy South Silks, Painthani, Benarsee, Bandhani or Gharchola etc. And then, they may also buy some latest fashion style Sarees, but strictly in paler hues and lighter, easy to carry fabrics. Most Cancer women love their comfort too much, and wearing Saree on a regular basis, unless their family or occupation demands, is a rarity. So, Sarees are reserved for special, family occasions, and thus, are bought with the same purpose in mind. The frugal Cancer woman won’t buy Sarees on impulse – often expensive and difficult to maintain Sarees are avoided, but so are art-silks and cheaper ones, which will lose their sheen and texture soon. Chiffon and flowy, gossamer like fabrics are loved by these females. And, when it comes to patterns and colours, simplicity rules the roost. Plain, solid tints, non-blingy brocade borders and delicate work like mukaish, sequins etc. in whites, cremes, off whites, dull golds are preferred.

Leo - Wedding Saree

The royal queens of the Zodiac (or so they believe) are stylish, exuberant and confident. Obviously, their sartorial sense reflects their strong personalities and self-belief. These females love making bold style statements, and Sarees are often preferred as one the weapons in their eye-catching armour. The Sarees they choose are vibrant, fashionable and smart, to say the least. Blacks, golds, blacks blended with metallic hues, deep yellows, tangerine, blingy silvers are often the hues they go for. The traditional silks are not loved much, while faddish fabrics and textures find much preference with Lionesses. Overall, flowy, hugging or even revealing fabrics like chiffons, chiffon-mixes, georgettes, nets are loved and carried with aplomb. And, no one carries bling or shine in Sarees like the Leonine femme fatales do! Leos, however, do not like to spend much effort and time in maintaining or even tying their Sarees. So, they happily leave it all to the experts – to cleaners for maintenance and to professional drapers or stylists for draping. Open-hearted and generous as they are, Leo females are only too happy to share their Saree fortune with others. Last, but not the least, given their tendency for callous brazenness and over confidence, Lionesses may have a tendency to go over-the-top or extravagant – while selecting Sarees, their cholis or other accessories.

Virgo - Wedding Saree

Just like all other areas of their life, the rock-solid, meticulous Virgos are pretty practical and down-to-earth in their choice of Sarees too. Yet, that doesn’t mean they do not do justice to this grand apparel. In fact, the fitness conscious Virgos are one of the few Signs who manage to carry a Saree with such beauty and grace that people have no choice but to get jealous and awed. The conservative and penny-wise Virgins, though, prefer to stick to culturally rich, rock solid, evergreen styles and pure fabrics. They love crepes, crepe-de-chines, tussars, traditional silks and even printed silks, They also love embroideries and weaves, and you will often find them in possession of rich Kanthas, Jamdaanis, Kanjeevarams, or Kashmiri, Sindhi, Parsee style embroidered Sarees. For most Virgos, Sarees are investments, which they wish to preserve for eternity, to be passed on to generations. In turn, they also have an equal respect for heirloom and vintage pieces, passed on to them by their grand-moms et al. They are, however, quite possessive of their possessions, and you won’t see them generously sharing their Sarees with anyone. Maintaining their Sarees in the best way possible is often not an issue for most Virgos. Nonetheless, in their quest for perfection blended perfectly with modesty, Virgo women may end up going wrong with their Sarees – wearing wrong ones on the wrong occasions. Bling is a strict no for this Sign!

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