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‘Time is money’ – Check out how much each Zodiac Sign is able to follow this tenet!

‘Time is money’ – Check out how much each Zodiac Sign is able to follow this tenet!

Sun Signs and Punctuality
Know Your Sun Sign Profile.

Arians do not wish to put others in trouble and therefore stick to schedules. Since their enthusiasm levels also tend to plummet rapidly within a short span, they prefer to do get over with appointments. Moreover, with their electric speed, they are unlikely to get stuck in so So they are among the punctual signs.

Taurians work at clockwork precision. So once you give an appointment to them, rest assured that they would stick to it. They expect the same commitment from you and should you get slack on it, expect to be blacklisted.

Geminis are sensitive and sensible. They hate putting others into trouble even if it means putting themselves in a spot. Crossing the seven seas, losing sleep or traveling days non-stop.. they do everything it takes to be there on time.

Swing sentimental bait to a Cancerian and they will bite it with gusto. In other words, tell them you’d love to see them first when you land in the country from your trip abroad, they will be pleased as a punch and be there first to receive you. However, don’t expect the same if you just give them the duty of being there first.

Leos have the worst sense of timing and it’s come with their natural flair to be under the spotlight, even if it means being there for the wrong reasons. Their egos get a boost when they arrive late – to a class, meeting or an appointment and when everybody looks at them. Also the fact that they’ve kept people waiting gives them a certain sadistic pleasure!

Virgos come across as conscientious folks and amazing perfectionists. But in reality, they dread being on time simply because they feel very stifled when their day is tied to the clock’s movements. While they may stick to the timing, they are always whining in the background.

Librans take great pleasure in doing the mundane and sticking to the regular work. While they are on time to work and their other household chores, they may slacken a bit when it comes to rare appointments. It’s the ‘do-I-have-to-do-it-today-also’ syndrome.

They are so very punctual, especially to social dos and parties that even the hosts tend to get a bit hassled. What do you do when your guests arrive before the dinner table is set. So if you want them to arrive by 8 pm, tell them 9 pm and they will land up at 8.

Sagittarians take things as they come. They never make any effort to blend into things. Rather they want it the other way. So if the appointment fits into their schedule, it’s fine. Otherwise, the appointee can take a walk.

If you want to be on time, fix up with a Capri. They are on time and make sure their company is on time too. They won’t say a word, but just by being on time, they induce others also to stick to schedules. They are model zodiacs when it comes to punctuality.

When Aquarians are late, there is a genuine reason behind it. They take life seriously and any appointment turns a disappointment if people don’t turn up on time. They are always on time and make sure the other folks are on time as well.

Give them a free hand and they will plan and execute things to a perfect 10. It is perhaps their ability to stick to timings, no matter what, that makes them karya-sadhakas (go getters). If you are someone who often turns up late, ask a Piscean to take charge of you and you can rest assured you’re on time.

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