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Sun Signs and Celebration of Durga Pooja

Sun Signs and Celebration of Durga Pooja

Durga Pooja is celebrated all over India and is the most important festival of West Bengal. Every Sun Sign will celebrate each festival based on the traits they possess. Ganesha explains how each Sun sign ought to celebrate Durga Pooja and also gives you the hint as to which Sun Sign should be assigned what kind of task for the celebration to make the best use of their characteristics. Moreover,Ganesha also suggests to you how to welcome a guest or friend with a particular Sun Sign during the days of Durga Pooja so that you can have fun with them.

How each Sun Sign will celebrate Durga Pooja

Arians would be the one to take the initiative in any festival. They will be participating in planning and execution very enthusiastically. They can be of great help in coordinating the process of invitations to be sent to the eminent people of the society. Ganesha says that they will happily contact these people and organize meetings. At the time of the celebration, they might want to dance and scream in joy.

Taurians will call up all the family members and suggest to them to have fun together with the family as they are quite family oriented. They will enjoy the fixing of the menu for the lunch and dinner. Their plans are almost fixed and difficult to change so once they have decided how you will enjoy the festival with them, you have no scope of modifying that plan, says Ganesha. They are very good at nurturing so rest assured that you will have a satisfactory Pooja and delicious food.

Ganesha feels that Gemini is quite a techno-savy sign so they may have a good collection of songs related to Durga Pooja, however the feel of this music will be quite Metallic. They may also try to figure out which near-by location will have a Durga Pooja celebration and may drive down to that location as they love to travel. They are the best people to prepare suitable speeches for the occasion.

Home sweet home is their fundamental trait just like that of the Taurians. Cancerians love to be nostalgic so if they organize Durga Pooja at home, you will find a ‘Vintage’ feeling in the whole scenario. They love food cooked at home so when you are invited by them, expect delicacies made with a wholehearted approach and served with great warmth. However, they are quite sensitive by nature so please avoid criticizing their efforts, advises Ganesha.

If you want to invite them for the Durga Pooja celebration, then you will need to send across a proper and formal invitation. If Leos organize a function, then it will be on a grand scale. Ganesha notes that they love to be in the spotlight so if you sideline them or not pay due attention to them, then they may feel insulted and get a little offended too. If they are in good humour, then they will not even mind spending a big sum to add charm to the celebration.

Virgos need to have everything in a proper structure. They can be the best schedule planners. If you have designated the planning to a Virgo, then rest assured that they will plan it well. Food will be hygienic and timings will be quite proper. Everyone will be happy with the planning done by them and they will also love to contribute with the best of their abilities. However, if you have planned an occasion and have not asked for their opinion, be ready to face quite a severe criticism from their end. They are the best source of knowing what to buy from where for a very planned, economical and yet a satisfactory Pooja.

Librans love music and the company of others in equal measure.. They should be assigned the ‘Public Relations Department’ as they have a great sense of balance. They love to enjoy the Durga Pooja celebration with good music. You will not find them joining the Pooja celebration alone. Either they will be in a company or if they are alone, they will find a company, says Ganesha.

Scorpians will desire perfection in planning for Durga Pooja celebration. They love the suspense element so if you are inviting them, keep that in mind and if they have invited you to share the joy, expect the suspense element in the entire planning. They will be doing the Pooja with due earnestness. You will enjoy celebrating Durga Pooja with them as they are radical in thinking so they will freak out and scream in joy while the Pooja is on, which indicates their involvement too.

Archers are with religious and philosophical bent of mind. If you ask them about the importance of Durga Pooja, they might start with the myth and end the story with spiritual importance of this Pooja. They love to guide others but they themselves may not wish to execute plans. They are the best motivators so they will always be inspiring others and providing them due encouragement. With the wit that they possess you can expect some good jokes and fun time with them.

Capricornians will love to participate, provided, their work does not suffer. They are very good at planning and organising things but you will need to provide due appreciation while they are in the process of planning. If you are inviting them as a guest, please ensure that you ask for their timings. If they are the host, kindly reach there in time and expect the best treatment or hospitality. They might also wish to use the short term vacation to relax and give some rest to the strained nerves.

Aquarians will love to celebrate this occasion with friends as they are the ‘networking oriented’ people. They have a fixed mindset for certain things hence if you are planning for something that includes them, then please share your views and be open to suggestions, otherwise, they may become apprehensive about what you are planning and as a result of it, you may find them with long faces sitting in a corner at the time of the celebration. In short, please ensure that their heart is not hurt. You want some electronic equipments or CDs and cassettes to make the celebration better? Ganesha suggests to you to contact an Aquarian and you will be provided with due and accurate information.

Soft-hearted Pisceans will always be in a mood to invite everyone to have fun with them but they are very sensitive so while saying NO to their plans and expectations, please think twice, suggests Ganesha. They will organise good food, good outing or good Pooja celebration with due reverence to Goddess Durga and their earnestness can also be expressed through tears in their eyes while they perform the Pooja. Don’t worry, they are tears of joy only!

Good luck to everyone for the Durga Pooja celebration and may Goddess Durga bless us with love and light.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni