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Sun Signs can tell you the qualities of your man…

Sun Signs can tell you the qualities of your man...

Sun Signs can uncover certain qualities and traits in men, which women may be looking for, when searching for their life-partners or mates. Interested in finding out what makes your man’s Sun Sign special? Then, this article is precisely for you. Read on…

Aries is a Fire Sign. So, most Aries men are known to be filled with ample energy and zeal. These men like to exhibit their strength, bravery and leadership skills, and often make good party-mates and pursuers. Moreover, these men are passionate to follow their heart’s desire, and strive hard to be successful in their chosen profession. Although, many Aries men posses a temperamental nature, and can be very angry, when hurt or overstepped, they are loving and guileless. Give them some time and space and, they shall soon be back to fun and games. You can be sure to win an Aries man, if you are willing to keep things light and fresh, are understanding and also provide ample doses of affection, whenever your Ram man or the relationship demands.

Taurus belongs to the element Earth, and thus, quite understandably, the men of this Sign are grounded, stable, dedicated and loyal. Most of these men are extremely focused on what they undertake, and however lazy they may be alleged as, they shall rest, only once they complete a task at hand. And, that includes bagging a prized catch i.e. you! Fixed in their ways, these men, though, don’t like change their set, secure routines. So, if you hope to change the Bulls, dear ladies, better try your charms elsewhere! Nonetheless, when the Taurus men are served a delicious meal, they will never refrain from appreciating the sincere and loving efforts. For them, really the stomach is the way to their hearts!

Gemini represents the Air Sign. And, given the fact that Gemini is ruled by the communicative Mercury, you shall fine the men of this Sign talkative, often garrulous and candid. Airy and intellectual in their views and ways, Gemini men strive to learn, and like to keep themselves updated. They like when a woman can offer them something for their intellectual nourishment. Gemini men also prefer a career, which would keep them active all the time, offering them plenty of opportunities to communicate. Due to their dual/ wavering mindset, however, many of them may be unable to take a solid decision, and this is an area, wherein you, as their mate or life-partner, can be of tremendous help to them.

Cancer is a Water Sign, and is quite emotional and sensitive. Ruled by Moon, the Crab/ cancer men are family oriented. Their heart is where their home is! In a relationship, these men usually try to ensure that their spouse feels comfortable. You may also find them ready to cook and serve to you, given you are equally affectionate in return. The Cancer men, in fact, can be very ‘mother-like’ towards their mates, especially if the women is sweet, polite and guileless. However, most Cancer men are quick to take hurts, and are thus very difficult, if a woman prefers shouting, screaming or strategising in love. Often prized catches, the Crab men are determined and persistent in whatever they pursue, and tend to they achieve remarkable success in their career. If you want them to share their feelings with you, be ready to probe sweetly and consistently.

Leo belongs to the group of Fire Signs; the natives of this Sign are fiery, independent and domineering. The Leo men, however, are also very chivalrous, thorough gentlemen, and will bestow lots of love and affection on their partners or mates. In love and relationships, they are ardent, romantic, spirited. Bubbling with unceasing enthusiasm, these men make happy mates, until you decide to tread a way different than what they deem right. The Leo men know and ensure making it very clear that who is the ‘boss’ in a relationship. They may stamp their authority in different ways – calmly and strongly OR loudly and even more strongly – but, they will. And, if you don’t mind submitting to their commands, you can be sure of enjoying a fun relationship. The Leo men will never give up on the task, even if they face failures or obstacles, such is their positive approach towards life.

Virgo is an Earth Sign. And, the natives of this Sign are practical and organised to the core. Pretty service oriented in their ways. The Virgo men are found to be very systematic. They also give supreme importance to orderliness, cleanliness and good health. Their stable and practical approach towards life makes them caring and considerate. They take immense care of their own and their loved-ones health and well being. To accomplish the daily chores, they will also lend a willing, helping hand to you. And, their meticulous ways shall make them charming as a parent. However, be ready to be told of your flaws on your face, when you are with these men. Virgo will not hesitate in calling a spade a spade, and sometimes, you may resent these critical ways. Rest, everything else shall be simply charming with them!

Libra is an Air Sign. Much like its symbol, this Sign is all about balance. And, a real, natural relationship is also all about balancing the opposing forces of nature – the feminine and the masculine. Thus, you will find the Libra men (as well as women) pretty relationship oriented. In order to achieve stability and balance in their lives, the Libra men shall relentlessly pursue ideal relationships. Thus, commitment features high on their agenda. These men precisely know what needs to be done to keep everything working effortlessly. Libra men, however, always try to avoid confrontation, and so it may become all the more hard to find out what’s cooking in their minds. It is wise to give them enough space, thus. And, if you do so, you may have a loving, affectionate man with you, who will also be a prefect eye and arm candy, given Libra’s natural charm. And, they are observant, intelligent and tactful too. So, you may also get a plenty of feedback, praises and constructive criticism.

Scorpio represents the Water Element and is ruled by Pluto. The natives of this Sign are thus emotional, passionate and avid. Scorpio men are motivated and intelligent beings, who will give their undivided attention to complete a particular task. Possessive and intense, they will like to learn and know everything about their beloved, but, in turn, may not be as candid and revealing about their own selves. This dark and secretive side to the Scorpio men makes them very charming. Most Scorpio men possess a magnetic attraction, and make for ardent and amorous lovers. Sex is extremely important for the Scorpio male, and in a sexual relationship, they are very attentive and keen. In general too, most Scorpio men make for endearing, reliable friends and awesome lovers; they are pretty loyal in all their relationships. However, you have to be willing and ready to be truly ‘owned’ if you are in a relation with a Scorpio. And, don’t make a mistake of belittling or betraying them!

Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, and the natives of this Sign precisely know how to enjoy life to the core. The sense of humour of Sagittarius men is simply amazing, and most of them can easily make their better-halves burst into laughter – any time. Adventure and travel are what they love dearly, and thus the Archer men may spend plenty of their time travelling to new destinations with their beloveds. When enough room is provided, the Sagittarius men may find pleasure in a stable relationship. However, it is important to remember that the free spirited men of this Sign are very driven to stamp clearly their freedom. So, if you plan to be a cuddly, all-the-time in touch woman, the independent Sagittarius man may not be the one for you. Nonetheless, if you happen to enjoy the Archer’s ways, you will find in him a loving, experimental and genuinely amusing partner, who will always want and strive to keep things fresh and fun in your relationship.

Capricorn is an Earth Sign. Plus, this Sign represents the mature, grown-up side of the human life. Understandably, most Capricorn men are stable, solid, grounded, fixed and committed. These men tend to always think about the future, and thus, have definite goals and in-place plans. Loyal and giving in a relationship, the Capricorn men believe in creating a safe and secure nest for their life-partners. Marriage and stable relationships always reign supreme on the Goat/ Capricorn male’s agenda, and even when they are ‘playing the field’ as youngsters, a scope of commitment is very fancy and attractive to them. Very straight forward in their approach, most of them precisely mean what they say or claim. However, given the staid and mature approach of the Capricorn men, their relationships may get somewhat monotonous. Add to this the fact that they dislike change and are possessive to some degree, and you may be in a slightly boring relationship, if you do not try on your own to keep things fresh. Thus, the life-partner of the Capricorn man will always need to soften up the atmosphere, with sweet little, light moments and laughter, every now and then. If you manage to do so, you shall be in a very secure and loving relationship.

Aquarius represents the Air Element. Inventors and visionaries, Aquarius men are free, independent and intellectual in their thoughts and ways. They love their independence and believe in giving an equal amount to their loved ones. Most Aquarius are also very amiable and they often have a large circle of friends. The men of this creed seriously like it if their women make a special effort to become a part of their (the men’s) wide and beaming social circle. In return, they too shall not hesitate in taking on all your friends as their own. On the whole, the Aquarius men greatly enjoy the social company of family, relatives and friends. They also have something new and exciting to share at most times, and thus, it often is a pleasure to remain around them. However, ironically, the Aquarius men may have many friends, but they may not really be friends with anyone. They tend to be somewhat detached, and giving entirely to a relationship is not easy for these men. Thus, you may often find them giving you way too much space, which may cause you some resentment, especially if you love being in a close, guarded nest. If, at a point in a relationship, you feel, he isn’t giving you due attention, don’t get that hurt feeling, as he may be in the process of uncovering a new discovery.

Pisces belongs to the Water Element’s kingdom, and how! Representative of all the ‘water-like’ qualities to the core, the Pisces men are dreamy, emotional, watery, compassionate and fluid in their ways and thoughts. Vivid in imagination and loving in their relationships, the Pisces men can be as much a treat as partners, as they can be a pain. If you like having stable, solid foundations to everything, then the free-flowing, creative, somewhat lazy Fish man may not be yours for life. On the other hand, if you love to love someone who is totally open, very caring, humane and modest, Pisces is your best mate. Being sensitive in nature, the Pisces men try to assure that their life-partners too feel good and comfy. They are great artists, and will do all they can to lift your soggy spirits, when you may be feeling low and down. The Pisces men are amazingly creative and posses a positive approach towards life. Their charm and fluent emotions will invariably rub over you, and you too shall begin to see life from their eyes.

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