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Know your Garba style this Navaratri!

Know your Garba style this Navaratri!

As the evenings become dewy and the nights chilly, India and the Indians across the world get ready to begin their splendorous festive season. And, what better way to bring home the festivities than Navratri! The festival of glittering Nine Nights is celebrated each year at the advent of fall or autumn, and is one of the most popular and widely celebrated festivals among Hindus all over the world. Considered to be the most auspicious time to worship Goddess Shakti/ Durga and other reverent Hindu Goddesses, Navratri is celebrated in various forms and ways across India and the world, wherever the Indians are.

From Bengal’s Durgo Pujo to Gujarat’s Garba Raas, Navratri has myriad associations and numerous faces. People in hoards gather each night/ evening to offer their prayers to the Goddess Shakti, seeking blessings and penance. Later, amidst festivities and bonhomie, they indulge in fun, laughter, folk dances, singing and sharing of prasaad. It is believed that we can get in touch with the Goddess of Strength (Shakti) through dance and celebrations. Navratri is also the festival to worship nine goddesses in nine different forms. Navaratri arrives in the Ashwin month of Gujarati calendar; it starts from the first day of brighter side of the month and lasts till the ninth day.

Also, Navratri is seen by many of us a reason to mingle, party and please our loved ones. So, how nice it would be if you knew how each Zodiac Sign likes to celebrate Navratri! Read on…

People born under this Sun Sign are ruled by Mars. Energetic that they are, the Aries will celebrate Navaratri with full enthusiasm. Their style of playing Dandiya is unique. They like to dress up themselves with fine clothes and make their presence felt in the Navaratri celebrations. They may get so engrossed in the celebrations that they might end up hurting the people playing Garba around. You won’t see them sitting somewhere in the ground or standing away from the people playing Garba. They will be either roaming around or playing the Garba.

The Taurus are good administrators and therefore, before going to play Dandiya, they will fix time to reach the destination and co-ordinate well with their group about who is reaching the venue when and how. Ruled by Venus, the Taurus are have a fine fashion sense. And for a festival like this, they will dressed up very well, put on make-up and wear unusual pieces of jewellery. They will ensure to pay attention to detail but at the same time try and reach the venue on time They play Dandiya with different styles.

Ruled by Mercury, the Gemini play Navaratri sensibly and would rarely display over the top antiques on the ground. They are also very helpful and caring, so if any one in their group doesn’t know how to play Dandiya, they will teach them the steps and include them in the Garba. They want to look good, but they won’t spend hours in front of the mirror to get ready. Graceful and decent, they will play Dandiya with heart and soul. People would love to watch them play Garba.

Ruled by Moon, the Cancer are very punctual. They will plan their routine much in advance so that they have enough time to get ready and reach the venue beating the traffic-jams. In their groups, they are some of those early birds who would reach the venue before rest of the group. When it comes to fashion, the Cancer keep it decent and pleasant to the eye. Since they belong to a water Sign, they may become little experimental and play Dandiya with water bottles instead of actual dandiya.

Ruled by Sun, the Leo take this opportunity to showcase their energy levels, skills and enthusiasm. They will be on the Garba ground almost the entire time and have a great time with their friends. Well, they will start dancing enthusiastically and stand on the sides to catch their breath but that will be just for some time. They will be back in the playing area very soon. They will show others some new styles and steps and want others to follow them. They also enjoy watching others play dandiya.

Ruled by Mercury, the Virgo strive for perfection. They will take their own sweet time to try different outfits and matching jewellery, and ensure that they look their best. In order to learn new steps and to perfect their Garba skills, the Virgo may even start practising Garba much before Navaratri. When on the Garba ground, they will join a group and have fun playing dandiya. They are not very experimental when it comes to playing Garba. They will do styles which they are comfortable with.

Ruled by Venus, the Libra love to be a part of a big group of Garba enthusiasts. Graceful and charming, their unique style of Garba is their identity. They possess fine aesthetic sense, hence they will dress up for the occasion perfectly. In fact, they will enter the Garba ground only when they are confident about their appearance and dress. Since they belong to a movable Sign, the Libra will keep moving from here to there, be in the limelight and feel the buzz. They will attract others with their magnetic personality and excellent Garba skills.

Mars influences the people born under the Zodiac Sign Scorpio. They are very punctual and when asked to turn up at a particular time, they definitely be there at that time. They love to enjoy the festival of dance to the fullest. However, they may not be too good at Garba. Nevertheless, they will celebrate Navaratri with full enthusiasm and energy, so much so that they will not continue the same steps and style for even 15 minutes. They will move around and enjoy with everyone in their groups.

Jupiter has a strong influence on the people born under the Zodiac Sign Sagittarius. They are born thinkers, and while playing too, they always think about what would be the next new step or style. They also love food, hence they will also be very much interested in eating different snacks and drinks available on the ground. They will not spend too much time dressing up and doing their hair and make-up. They will prefer to utilise that time and energy in playing Garba.

Ruled by Saturn, the people born under the Zodiac Sign Capricorn will incorporate their friends’ suggestions and style tips while dressing for the Navaratri. They love to be a part of the festivities and dance so much that they will play Garba even if they don’t know how to dance, they will enthusiastically join crowd and have a good time. Those of them who know how to play dandiya will move around on the ground gracefully and perform some excellent steps.

Ruled by Saturn, the Aquarius usually go for unconventional dressing when it comes to getting ready for Navaratri celebrations. They do take time to doll up themselves but they are rarely late. They love to be a part of huge groups and enjoy with their dear friends. They love to try different steps and showcase their talents. The Aquarius will make it a point to enjoy the electrifying atmosphere on the ground.

Ruled by Jupiter, the people born under the Zodiac Sign Pisces are a cheerful lot. They will have a bright smile on their faces while playing Garba. These sensitive souls take time to get ready for Navaratri. When they are on the Garba venue, they enjoy themselves to the hilt and often come up with some unusual steps to dance on the foot-tapping music.

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