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Your Sun Sign can give you a sneak peek into your jewellery sensibilities…Read on!

Your Sun Sign can give you a sneak peek into your jewellery sensibilities...Read on!

The fiery Aries are independent, and being an Air sign, they love to be dressed in cool and offbeat jewellery, without considering how others may perceive them. Heavy jewellery is not their cup of tea, they instead prefer something that is sleek and trendy. Aries may also opt a stylish watch that underscores their elegance, or even simple stud earrings. Some Arians may also include red stones as their style statement, symbolizing their fiery nature.

For the earthly Taurus, with Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty, being their ruling planet, jewellery is very very important. In fact, it is a natural part of their sensual persona. They thus prefer something classic and yet understated. Jewellery for them is for enhancing their aesthetic appeal, and not for exhibiting their riches. Diamonds are their favourites. Since Taurus rules the neck and throat area, necklaces and pendants hold a special appeal for them. They prefer the expensive stuff, timeless and ethereal.

The Twins, always seeking variety in every aspect of their life, and getting bored with the expected, prefer to change the kind of jewellery they wear as per the latest style trends. Hence, they look for interesting pieces at flea markets, vendor fairs, or even at some up scale places. The jewellery they wear, in addition of being an accessory, is the extension of their fertile imagination, and there is a story behind every piece they wear. They like to talk about it, as long as the conversation is interesting and they get tips for their next makeover. Read more about Gemini.

For the sentimental and nostalgic Cancer, they attach great importance to the kind of jewellery they wear. Be it the old cuff links of their grandfather, or the classic pieces of yesteryears belonging to their grandmother, they carry it off with a great sense of style. Moonstone gems are their trademarks. They also scourge the antique shops for pieces that associate them with the bygone regal period, and they construct a strong bond with such pieces, since they love to be nostalgic.

For the outgoing and vibrant Leo, nothing is an overstatement or too flashy, as far as their choice in jewellery is concerned. As Sun is the ruler of this sign, gold is the perfect choice for them. For the bragging Leo, size does matter, and in order to steal the limelight and dazzle others, they prefer pieces that are big, bright and bold, which reflects their attitude perfectly. Anything in gold will make the heads turn, and Leo knows how to handle all the attention.

For the detail oriented Virgo, they prefer jewellery which helps them to shine and stand out amongst the crowd. This sign is also a symbol of purity, and thus they prefer something which is of good quality and unique in style and design. They may also prefer jewellery made from natural materials like shells. Depending on their mood, they can wear chunky and big pieces, or sleek and subtle jewellery, the only condition being that it should reflect their high tastes and unique style quotient.

For the Libra, being in harmony with the kind of jewellery they wear is of utmost importance. So, they prefer jewellery which fits in their concepts of symmetry and balance. As balance is the name of the game, they prefer an entire set, with a necklace, earrings and a bracelet. This helps them to make a style statement in sync with their personality and the jewellery blends with their attractive persona. Their love for flowers also translates into them preferring floral or leaf motifs.

For these mysterious and secretive individuals, creating an aura of sensuousness with the kind of jewellery they wear is a must. Scorpio being the sex sign of the zodiac, enhancing their sex appeal with jewellery comes naturally and instinctively to them. So there is no question of restraining themselves in their choice of jewellery. A locket with a secret compartment, or a ring with mysterious symbols or carvings, or something ethnic that arouses the primal instinct in them, anything can do, till it fulfils the purpose they seek.

Being the wanders of the zodiac, these individuals may prefer to don a variety of the treasured pieces which they have collected during the course of their travels. Hence, not limiting themselves to a particular style of jewellery, Sagittarius are quite open in their choice. With a great knack to pick the right stuff, they may adorn themselves with jewellery from various continents, ranging from the American South-west to Gothic bracelets or chokers.

As Capricorn is a practical and a down to earth sign, they love and look great in classical pieces, something that is expensive and a bit traditional. Hence they may prefer Spanish coin jewellery or hand crafted jewellery studded with precious gemstones. Since they are conscious about the image they project, they may also invest in quality designer pieces. A stellar collection that reflects their refined taste is usually preferred by them.

Being unconventional in their approach, Aquarius prefers nothing ordinary or traditional in the choice of their jewellery. The usual gold or silver pieces hold no special appeal to them, and they would rather prefer something out of the blue, such a carved wooden pendant or a handmade beaded bracelet. Also, with their affinity to modern and latest technology, they may prefer a platinum ring inspired by a space age saga. Or due to their unpredictability, they may even prefer a semi-precious chain, reflecting a universal theme, which attracts them the most.

As a water sign, Pisces like to establish their connection with the ocean, reflecting in the choice of their jewellery. Hence jewellery inspired by aquamarine stones holds special significance for them. A sterling and shimmering silver chain, giving the idea of a majestic waterfall, also go well with them. Since Pisces rules the the feet, an anklet would also add to their appeal. For these emotional and sensitive individuals, the serene blue colour of the sea, is what they prefer in their jewellery, which best expresses their peace loving nature.

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