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What’s his favourite coffee cuppa?

What’s his favourite coffee cuppa?

Sun Sign and Coffee Guide

Aries: The self-confident Ram would any day take a double-dose of Espresso before shooting off to work.

Taurus: With hidden desires to enjoy materialistic luxuries, there’s nothing like a steaming cup of Cappuccino for the Bull.

Gemini: The Twins find it difficult to make up their minds when it comes to choosing a specific coffee flavour, and usually end up with a mock-tail.

Cancer: The sensitive and moody Crab would love a shot of mocha first thing in the morning.

Leo: The Lion would prefer some Espresso coffee with a dash of hot or cold milk.

Virgo: For the nit-picking Virgin, a Caffe Americano would serve the purpose just right.

Libra: Trust the Libra to balance things out with a neat dose of Café au Lait.

Scorpio: You’ll never catch the Scorpio shunning sensuality, and when it comes to coffee, it has to be Breve Latte.

Sagittarius: For the imaginative Archer, an ice-cold Caramel Latte, even at the height of winter, would be the most suitable.

Capricorn: When the Goat has to perform under pressure, the drink that always peps him/her up is a cup of hot Espresso coffee.

Aquarius: What gets the adrenaline pumping for the Water Carrier when coffee is not handy, is the organic raspberry tea.

Pisces: The excessively sensitive Fish live in the eternal hope that someday the good old cup of tea will obviate the world’s need for coffee.

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