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Stellium of Four Planets and Its Effects on 12 Moon Signs

Stellium of Four Planets and Its Effects on 12 Moon Signs

The stellium of four planets- Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Leo happens on August 7, 2008. Whenever a fiery sign gets activated it generates a lot of enthusiasm and energy. However, Saturn’s involvement tones down the overall aggression expected from this Stellium (Group of planets). This Stellium will remain in force for three days and its highest effect will be experienced on August 8, 2008.

Effects on various Moon Signs:

This stellium will generate a lot of motivation, enthusiasm and energy in general but also worries about children. This is the best time to learn something new or join a course of study. If you are a sportsperson, then you may perform well under the influence of this planetary cluster. Artists will also be able to perform extra-ordinarily well. Read more about Aries.

You will focus more on domestic matters.You may change your house, buy a new house or office or may think about relocating under the influence of this Stellium. Discussions within home or family are likely to take place. You may remain highly concerned about the well-being of your family. Job front may also become a cause of concern. Clashes with family members are quite possible, says Ganesha. Read more about Taurus.

You can think of buying a new vehicle. The time is good for short distance trips and renewal of old contracts. You may remain highly concerned about your siblings. Writers and publishers may be benefited. If you are an orator, then you may be appreciated for your speech. You may become more innovative and creative. Read more about Gemini.

Your focus will be trained on money matters. You may expect financial gains after some delay. You may be aggressive while talking to others. The health of your wife may require your attention, as per Ganesha’s view. Social relations may be spoiled if you do not handle them with care. Read more about Cancer.

You will concentrate on your own well-being. Others may find you self-centred but you will have to pay attention to matters which were in a limbo since long. Anxieties and tensions could surround you but gradually they may disappear. Your ego may be at a very high level which needs to be brought down, feels Ganesha. Read more about Leo.

Ganesha feels that you may incur lots of expenses under the influence of this planetary Stellium in Leo. Sudden loss of wealth or a huge expense may upset you. You may have a strong need for seclusion as you may be bothered about many things. You need to spend sometime alone to think about these issues, advises Ganesha. Read more about Virgo.

You may re-establish contacts with your old friends, says Ganesha. There may be changes within your friend-circle. Some may depart and some may join in. You will be taking part in group activities. Those willing to mould friendship into love relationship have a very good chance of success. Read more about Libra.

You will be seriously thinking about your career and related matters. Relations with superiors may become sour, if you don’t handle them with care. Your job responsibilities may change. This is a good time to apply for new jobs. Read more about Scorpio.

You will gain from foreign connections. Interest in religious activities may increase. There will be a sudden change in your mindset and you will turn very positive towards others. It’s the time to sort out issues related to visa or passport. Your vision may expand and you will be able to motivate others, notes Ganesha. This is a very good time for professors/teachers. Read more about Sagittarius.

Your day to day life may become very hectic. You will find yourself too busy this time around. Ganesha feels that you should also watch your health, specifically your diet, under the influence of this Stellium. Need be, you should consult a doctor immediately. This is the best time to quit intoxications. Read more about Capricorn.

Your focus will be shifted to life partner and related issues. If you are unmarried, then marriage proposals can be expected. If you are married, then you may spend a good time with your partner but there may be moments of clashes too. Your partner may demoralise you unknowingly, feels Ganesha. Read more about Aquarius.

Joint accounts and finances will be under spotlight while this planetary Stellium is in force. You may suffer from some ailment or may even get injured. Ganesha suggests you to remain cautious while investing money, or else your money can be swindled. In short, these three days are a little tricky for you. Read more about Pisces.

Ganesha wishes good luck to all the Moon Signs.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni