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Spread the aroma of Feng Shui in your Kitchen

Spread the aroma of Feng Shui in your Kitchen

It’s a natural tendency to associate food and nutrition with nurturing and sustenance. Feng Shui believers opine that the way you design and decorate the kitchen can definitely influence your prosperity and health.

Food has special significance in the Far East because it is widely used for healing.

Practitioners of Oriental medicine believe that a healthy well-balanced diet leads to good health and longevity. Hence the place where food is prepared should be managed carefully.

In Feng Shui, the stove represents the creation of life, because the food prepared on it contributes to the creation of life in your body. It is the most important appliance in the kitchen, and should be as large as space permits. If your stove is positioned against a wall, hang a mirror on the wall above it. This visually doubles the size, thus enhancing the life-creating image. You will also be able to see what is happening behind you when you are cooking.

I have placed an octagon shaped mirror on the wall above my stove. I added four Chinese symbol stickers, which I found at the local hobby store. They are Harmony, Peace, Life and Purity. I thought these were perfect, as I feel it is important to have “pure” food for “life”, which is prepared in a “peaceful” setting and promotes “harmony” in the body.

Additionally, this simple cure has benefited me greatly because when I was cooking my back was to the door and I would often be startled by a family member sneaking up behind me. Not any more! The mirror has eliminated my subconscious concern over having people approach me unannounced and I haven’t burnt myself one time since I put that mirror up! Plan Your Year Smartly With The Help Of 2023 Detailed Yearly Report

Stoves with a natural flame are preferable. Gas is ideal, but wood or coal burning stoves are good alternatives. A natural flame stove, like a real fire, also adds to the comfortable atmosphere of the room. Avoid electric stoves, since these give off electromagnetic fields, which can negatively affect the chí energy of your food, and consequently your health.

Microwaves are also not recommended. Surfaces must be easy to clean; stainless steel is the best choice for a stovetop.

A helpful position for the stove is on an island in the kitchen, as this will allow you to face into the room while you are cooking and to see the windows and the doors. It also gives you a greater choice of positions within the kitchen, so that you can face the direction most favorable to you. Facing into the room also makes for a more sociable setting, enabling you to feel less isolated and to see and talk to your friends and family while you are cooking for them. Purchase The Ask Any Question Report And Get Answers To Any Concern

The stove and the sink represent fire and water chí energy respectively, and should be carefully positioned to avoid disharmony. Ideally, do not place them next to each other. If possible, also keep other water elements, such as refrigerators, dishwashers and washing machines, away from the stove, although this is less important. Try to ensure the stove and sink are in helpful locations in the kitchen, and ones where the Five-Element chí energy is compatible.

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