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Solar Eclipse and its effects on various sun signs

Solar Eclipse and its effects on various sun signs

As per Vedic Astrology, Solar Eclipse is starting in constellation Purva Bhadrapada and ending in constellation Uttara Bhadrapada. As per Western Astrology, Eclipse is occurring at 28 degree of Pisces. It is a partial Solar Eclipse. Therefore, it may not have heavy effect like a total Solar Eclipse; still it holds much importance because it is occurring closer to Aries Point, as per Western Astrology. According to Western Astrology, this Eclipse will be in conjunction with Asteroid Ceres – widely known as Earth Mother.

Solar Eclipses happen on the day of New Moon, which indicates beginning of matters or say fresh start, in general. Effect of this eclipse will be till September 2007 for all individuals.

Following may be general effect of this Eclipse on various Sun signs:

Positive effect of this eclipse on Arians is that those aspiring to go abroad will be benefited. On the other hand, Arians may need to be careful of unexpected expenses. There may also be some health problem coming to the fore.

Taureans may have unexpected gains. They may participate in some large groups or organizations. It is also a favourable time to begin new friendships. Those already working with larger organizations may be benefited on the career front.

Geminians would be able to see a change in their career. A new project could begin. If expecting promotion, it may come their way. They would be able to perform very well, specially journalists, creative people and those associated with developmental activities

Cancerians would have to take good care of their reputation, as it seems to be on stake with this eclipse. They might get opportunity to travel abroad. Alternatively, they may receive good news from overseas too. It is the most favourable time for them to begin some spiritual or religious activity. It is also a favourable time to sharpen their skills or go for higher education.

Leos may start taking more interest in metaphysics and occult. If there is any pending issue related to inheritance, it may start getting solved slowly. They may also be able to solve problems related to money matters. It is a favourable time to apply for loans.

Virgos may see something positive happening to their life partners. They may find moral support from partners or mate. If they are unmarried, they would be able to take right decision in this time frame. It is a good time to begin new partnerships.

Librans will have to take good care of health and should also see to it that they do not put themselves under any debt. On the other hand, it is a favourable time to begin exercise or join gym. They will have to be careful of people who are jealous of them.

Scorpions can benefit through education especially higher education. Those thinking of beginning a family have this eclipse in their favour. Scorpion parents will surely find positive turning points in their children’s life.

Sagittarians would be able to renovate their home. It is a favourable time to beautify their homes. If they want to sell or purchase house, the time is conducive. They may also purchase vehicle or something to add to their comforts, by next Solar Eclipse.

It is a time to plan short distance journeys. Capricorns may have important communications and good news through means of communication this time around. They may find positive change in their thinking process.

Aquarians may have financial gains with this Eclipse. They will be able to plan their finances effectively. They will be able to find positive changes in their family relations. It is best time to sort out unresolved issues.

Pisceans will be able to find positive changes in their personality. Creative Pisceans would be able to create something new; specifically painters, musicians and writers will find their creativity to the best. Their emotional expression may come stronger and will be expressed in right manner.

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