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Astrology can help us create a more beautiful life and world!

Astrology can help us create a more beautiful life and world!

Astrology can help us create a more beautiful life and world!
Why Astrology? How it can help a layman? The truth is that Astrology can be used in mundane life to better it, enrich it and make it more beautiful and satisfying. Astrology can be used on a personal level by an individual and on a bigger level for the betterment of society.

We can use Astrology as a Self-Help tool! Our Natal or Birth Chart/ Horoscope is as unique to us as our thumb impression. And, Astrology can effectively read and interpret this blue-print of our life. It can tell us in advance the possible opportunities and the likely pitfalls. In fact, we can employ our Horoscope to do a SWOT Analysis.

A good qualified astrologer can read our Birth Horoscope to pin-point our strengths, weaknesses, talents and future vocations. This can help us make concerted efforts in just the right direction at the right time, thereby avoiding swindling our resources and natural abilities. It won’t be wrong to say that Astrology can help us steer clear of negative situations and make the most of the positive ones!

Astrology can be applied to all the areas of life including love and relationships, career, education, finance, marriage, business, property and more. Plus, Astrology can warn us, in case a rather inimical planetary aspect or transit is going to take place vis-a-vis our Horoscope. When that happens, Astrology suggests of practical remedial measures, which can help us deal with the ill-effects of a transit.

Astrology is not magic! No sincere and genuine astrologer would over-promise or mislead by telling you that you can magically get rid of your problems or get something that you desire. But, it can surely show the way ahead, guide you in the right direction and help you channelise your energies towards something that’s truly made for you. Besides, you can always share your inner-most thoughts and dilemmas with a trusted astrologer, like you can with no one else. This person can then give you objective advice that can help you take just the right decisions.

Hence, don’t stop yourself from getting Astrology’s help when you are in need. Speak to an astrologer; just ensure the person or the team is genuine and reliable. Here’s a quick check-list to remind you of how you can use Astrology to your advantage –

  • as a self-help tool
  • as an objective guidance tool
  • as a self-check measure and for SWOT analysis
  • for sharing your troubles and getting astute counselling
  • for handling problems related to any area of your life
  • to remain informed of and prepared for problematic transits and periods
  • to get practical remedial measures to enrich and enhance your life
  • to make the most of the opportunities and talents life gives you
  • to steer clear of disadvantageous, ill-fitting ideas, choices and paths

All the best!

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team