What is the significance and benefits of the banana tree in Hinduism and Astrology?

Published on September 30, 2019

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Banana fruit is one of the most popular fruits all over the world. It is highly beneficial to health and the most surprising thing is its significance in Hinduism. Banana tree and its leaves are considered holy and one of the most sacred in the Hindu religion.

What is the importance of trees in Hindu culture?

Hindu religion is inspired by many fascinating mythological stories and events and has meaningful ties with different elements of nature. There are many trees that are considered sacred and worshipped from ancient times. Our holy text and scriptures have an inclusion of plants and animals innumerable times for different instincts and reasons. The plants and animals have a direct relation with Gods and Goddesses and are considered important due to specific qualities.

Actually bananas do not grow on a tree. It falls in the category of perennial herbs with a trunk that is not woody. However, due to its appearance, size and structure it is regarded as a tree and it has a huge significance in Hinduism. The banana tree leaves, trunk, and fruits are considered sacred in the Hindu religion.

Reasons Behind Worship Of Banana Tree

The entire banana plant is considered sacred and it is known as ‘Kadali’ in the Sanskrit language. There are varied reasons why the banana leaves are considered holy in Hindu culture.

According to Hindu Mythology, Rishi Durvasa had cursed his wife as she interrupted his sleep. He cursed him to turn into a banana tree. Upon receiving the curse, she pleaded with her husband for a wish that she should be treated special and as a holy plant. Rishi Duravasa fulfilled her wish and since that day, the leaves of banana trees are considered auspicious and sacred in Hindu culture.

Banana Leaves in Hinduism

  • Banana leaf is used to distribute Prasad or Bhog to the devotees in temples. Banana fruits are offered to God and Goddesses as Naivedyam or Bhog.
  • The trunk of the tree denotes good luck and prosperity and so it is used for decoration during religious festivals or ceremonies in Hindu culture.
  • Lord Ganesh is fond of banana leaves and gets appeased by the offering of leaves during Ganpati puja.
  • A Banana leaf and fruits are offered to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi as a religious offering.
  • The usage of the banana leaves is mentioned in all Vedic rituals as they are considered sacred in Hindu culture. The banana fruit is considered as the most energetic fruits and it is affordable for all.

Significance of Banana tree in Hindu culture

  • There is a traditional custom in Hindu religion to decorate the entrance of the marriage hall and the house of the bridegroom and bride with two banana trees. According to the belief, the tree symbolizes that the married life of the couple would be evergreen and the relationship and love between them would be endless. The couple would be showered with all the prosperity of the world and with children.
  • According to the ancient scriptures of the Hindu religion, the tree is considered equivalent to ‘Devaguru or Brihaspati’. The belief is very prevalent and the individuals who can’t afford Yellow Sapphire gemstone can wear the root of the tree. Planting the tree at home is equivalent to having a Guru or Brihaspati at home.
  • The banana tree is devoutly religious which symbolizes Lord Vishnu and it should be worshipped every Thursday to avail the benefits of the planet Jupiter.
  • The banana fruit is offered as Prasad or Bhog to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. It is a belief that Vishnu and Lakshmi love the fruit and they bless devotees with a happy married life, good financial condition and happiness for the whole family.
  • During the Durga Puja, a grand festival of Bengalis, the form of Goddess is created with banana plantain. This form of Goddess known as Kola Bou is considered as the bride of Lord Ganesha. She is given a bath before evening and placed next to Lord Ganesha on the day of Maha Saptami.

Banana tree and Astrology
a) Planting banana tree according to astrology

  • According to the belief, planting a banana tree in a home would resolve all the problems related to Jupiter.
  • Planting a tree in the entrance of the house of the bride and groom symbolizes that the married life of the couple would be evergreen and the relationship and love between them would be endless.
  • The couple would be showered with all the prosperity of the world and with children.
  • Unmarried women who are waiting for their marriage for a long time would get married easily with their ideal partner.
  • The marital life of women would improve.
  • The plant would give success in higher education and empowers knowledge to the students.
  • The tree also protects us from vicious diseases.

b) Watering banana tree according to astrology
The banana tree should be worshipped and water should be poured into the roots while moving around in circles around it, nine times every Thursday. Practicing it every Thursday can help individuals get benefit from planet Jupiter. The roots of the tree are tied with yellow thread and worn on the index finger. The roots are said to give similar benefits of Yellow Sapphire and the individuals who can’t afford gemstones can also avail the benefits of the stone by wearing the roots of the plant.

c) Benefits in curing Mangal Dosha
It is a belief in astrology that if an individual has Mangal dosha in Janampatri, it can be removed by marrying a Banana tree. If Ketu is impaired in the horoscope, the individual should plant the tree for eleven Thursdays to get beneficial results.

Closing Note

The banana tree should be planted in the backyard of the home. The tree is worshipped while performing Kadali Vrat puja. The planting of a tree on Chaturthi of Shukla paksha in the month of Vaisakha, Magha, and Kartika is considered auspicious and individuals should nurture the tree until it bears fruit.

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