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Ashoka tree: Importance and Benefits of a sacred tree in Hinduism

The original Ashoka tree or Saraca Asoca/Indica is a rainforest tree that has pleasantly rich foliage and covered with pleasing yellow-orange flowers. The bunches of flowers are bright, heavy and have soothing fragrance. The trees are mostly found in the foothills of the Himalayas, Deccan plateau and the Western Ghats.

Ashoka tree is considered a sacred tree in countries like India, Nepal, and Srilanka. The tree has a strong religious association with Hinduism and Buddhism.

Ashoka tree is given prime importance in ancient Hindu mythology, art, sculpture and also in Ramayana. It is mentioned in Ramayana written by Ved Vyas that Sita sat under the Ashoka tree in Lanka. The tree is sacred for Buddhism as it is said that Shakyamuni/Gautam Buddha was born under the Ashoka tree in Lumbini Garden.

Ashoka is a Sanskrit word which means “without sorrow”. The tree is acclaimed as woman-friendly as it can drive away all the pain and sorrow of the woman through its capability of gifting good health.

The tree is associated with God Kama, the God of love and is considered as one of the most sacred trees in Hindu culture. God Kama has included the flowers of the Ashoka tree among the flowers in his quiver which represent seductive hypnosis among the flowers. The tree is incorporated with Yakshi mythological being as the resident of Yaksha. It is found near the gates of the Hindu temple. The tree has become a standard decorative element of Hindu sculpture. The Ashoka tree is worshipped in the Chaitra month, the first month of the Hindu calendar by Hindus. In Ramayana, Sita Mata was brought in Ashoka Vatika, Lanka by Ravana. Lord Hanuman first met Sita Mata in Ashoka Vatika, the garden of Ashoka trees.

The Ashoka tree is worshipped in the Chaitra month, the first month of the Hindu calendar by Hindus according to Indian tradition.

  • The tree is useful in treating gynecological problems, menstrual disorder, internal bleeding, hemorrhages, piles, and diabetes, control abdominal pain and spasms and joint pains.
  • The application of dried stem, bark, and flowers are used to heal pain and diseases. The seeds, flowers, and bark of the tree are widely used in making many tonics and capsules in India for treating different kinds of health ailments.
  • The tree is also beneficial in curing a fungal infection, worm infection, skin burns, allergies, purifying the blood in the body, curing diarrhea and reducing the risk of occurrence of a kidney stone.
  • The bark of the tree is used in the preparation of different cosmetic items which helps to improve skin complexion of an individual.
  • The dried flowers are used in making capsules to cure diabetes.

  • According to Indian Astrology, the tree takes away the pain and sorrow of the individual and brings name, fame, and prosperity in his life.
  • Ashoka tree is used to solve the money problem, marriage problem and minimize Mangal dosha and perform spiritual practices.
  • Remedial Solutions for the individuals who are facing money problem is to grow Ashoka tree in the garden of the house and pour water daily. By doing this practice one can probably solve the issues related to money.
  • One can bring the roots of the tree on Sunday and do Abhishek of Gangajal on the roots. After that, the roots should be kept in a safe place. By doing so the way of success gets open for individuals.
  • Another powerful tip from Expert Astrologers to solve marriage problems is to bring 7 leaves of the Ashoka tree and keep it in the temple of the house and sprinkle sandal water on it. The leaves have to be kept under the Peepal tree on the next day. After this, you need to bring another seven leaves. This process has to be continued for 40 days. By doing this you would probably see the change in your married life or the problem of delay in marriage can be resolved.
  • Offering the bark of the Ashoka tree to Lord Hanuman every Tuesday would likely minimize Mangal Dosha present in the Janampatri of an individual.
  • You are likely to see success in life if you chant mantra sitting in the east direction under the Ashoka tree.
  • If you light a ghee lamp under this tree, it is likely to attract good health and wealth in your life.
  • You would have a positive atmosphere in the house by hanging the Toran of the Ashoka leaves on the main door. This is why the Toran of Ashoka leaves is hung on the main door of the house before performing puja or during the auspicious ceremony.

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