Shukracharya, the Guru of Asuras

We believe in some myths about Guru Shukracharya’s story. We suppose that he is an Asura Guru, so he must also be ingrained in Asuric tendencies.

Shukracharya was an expert in Yog Vidya. Though he was Guru of Asuras, he was a great bhakta of God. He used to impart Dharmik Gyaan(religious knowledge)  to all. It was due to his influence that Prahlad, Virochan, Bali, etc. became great Bhagavad Bhaktas. He also offered many Yagnas to Lord Vishnu.

He had the knowledge of the ‘Mritsanjeevani’ which Brihaspati does not have. So, Brihaspati sent his son Kacha to Shukracharya to learn about ‘Mritsanjeevani’. Shukracharya, even after knowing that Kacha was the son of Brihaspati, taught him the Vidya very affectionately. Asuras did not favor this, so they killed Kacha many times. However, every time, Shukrachaarya with his ‘Mritsanjeevani Vidya’ brought him back to life. Get educated in astrology and never miss an update on your daily, monthly or yearly horoscope. So go and subscribe now!

Finally, the Asuras one day killed Kacha, burnt him, and mixed his ashes in wine. Through deceit, they made Shukracharya drink it. Shukracharya taught the last lesson of Vidya(knowledge) to Kacha while he was in his stomach. Finally, through the power of the same, Kacha tore the stomach of Guru Shukrachaaryas and came out. And thus, with the help of the same Vidya(knowledge) later, he brought his Guru back to life.

It was at that moment that Shukrachaarya decreed an Injunction, “From today I make the boundary line for all the Brahmins. The Mandabuddhi(intellectually disabled) Brahmin who consumes  ‘Madeira’ (alcohol), his whole Dharma(religion) would be destroyed, and he will incur the sin of ‘Brahma hatya’, and will be cursed in this Loka as well as the Parloka”. In this way, Shukrachaarya bound the Maryada' (code of conduct) for the Brahmins. 

In the Great Yagya of Bali, where Lord Vishnu had come, Shukracharya paid respect to the Lord as under:-

“Bhagvan, all mistakes, and lapses done in Mantra, Tantra (Anushtan Padhati), Desh, Kala, Paatra or subjects, would be condoned with Naam-Sankeertan of your name. Your name has the power to remove all the shortcomings”.

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It's a sincere hope that the above note dispels the doubts in one’s mind that Shukracharya was evil or an enemy of Brihaspati. 

Om Shum Shukraya Namah||

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