Your Sun Sign-based guide to the best Shopping Partners…

Your Sun Sign-based guide to the best Shopping Partners...

Going shopping? Choose the right zodiac to accompany you to ensure a wonderful experience.


When looking forward to a great shopping experience, trust an Aries friend. They are the people to be with if you wish to bag the best bargains, shop at the trendiest places and have fun in the process. They will make your shopping experience memorable and worthwhile with their valuable advice. Always the ones to remain updated about the latest fashions and stores, Aries can guide you to buy a perfect-fit. To top that, they themselves are so extravagant that they will not remind you to curb your desire for that super-expensive dress. Just ensure keeping pace with the over-enthusiastic Aries. Plus, be ready to ignore if they goof up slightly in haste - won't harm you much anyway.

A Taurus native is headstrong, and does not really care about what others think of him/ her. Thus, he will not mind being labelled as eccentric or bizarre. Taureans love being in their skin, and prefer to remain different from the crowd. They are bold and daring when it comes to their choice of colour pallet, styles, prints or patterns. Not the ones to blindly follow the fads, trust a 'Bull' gal when planning to buy a style statement. She will not let you down! Taurus men, contradictory to their female counterparts, are not interested in shopping. One may not even find them inclined towards discounts and sales. Don't worry, though, as a Taurus female absolutely loves to devour the 'Sale season'.

Geminis love to boast, and when it comes to shopping they are no different. They will first demand that one listens to them; it is them who will decide which is the best place and time to go shopping. Be ready to haggle and bargain with the shopkeepers when you take along a true-blue Gemini. Thus, if heading to a flea market, a pavement bazaar, a great bargain place or a local market, remember to take along this flirtatious yet practical sign with you. In fact, you may actually be discouraged from shopping at malls or boutiques by these people. Strikingly, Gemini men are calmer and cooler than the females of this sign. They would patiently enjoy holding bags of their fellow shopper, and shall let you shop more independently.

Cancer men usually make for excellent shopping partners. Patient and generous, they rarely remind their fellow shoppers about their credit-card limits, even if the fellow partner happens to be their wife or girlfriend. And this limitless shopping would imply deep holes in their pocket. Cancerians do not like to to lend free advice or to interfere in other person's shopping extravaganza. Cancer women may, at times, give their valuable inputs, but most often they too enjoy being silent spectators, as their loved one goes on piling the goodies. When it comes to their personal shopping, Crabs like to do it in their own sacred company. They do not mind waiting in the wings for their turn, and will rarely shop while their sweetheart is at it.

The mighty lions are too proud and restless to be taken along for shopping, especially when the activity is not directed towards them. Hence, tag along a Leo companion if you have plans of hanging out, parties or fun activities � the fun is guaranteed. But, it is not a great idea to bore them with your personal shopping bit. Yet, if you still want to take them along, do not make a mistake of going to a shabby shop/ market. The place has to be in tune with the elegant and regal tastes of a Lion. Usually egocentric and impatient, Leos may act a bit selfish. If they do not approve of the shopping-place, they may even act grumpy. Remember, it is unlikely that you will be invited when they themselves wish to scour the market.

Virgins are more than happy to accompany their loved ones for an impromptu shopping trip. This makes them a shopper's delight, as they will not mind ambling through the dusty lanes of a busy marketplace scouring for a perfect dress. But, the cautious Virgins can turn out to be a shopkeeper's nightmare. Given their overcautious, sceptical nature, they may make you check out different places, compare prices, and only then allow you to finally buy the stuff. And, this may include detailed comparisons from e-bay and other shopping websites too! So, if you are not one of those over-analysing, penny counting shoppers, chances are that you may feel dragged by this Virgo streak. When looking to buy a reliable consumer durable, do not forget to seek their well-researched advice, though.

Librans may not really be passionate about shopping, yet their elegant style and a fine eye for all things classy, expensive and exquisite more than makes up for their lack of zeal. They are, beyond doubt, brand conscious, and may even direct you to uber chic designer haunts. However, you'll rarely find them shopping with a lot of fuss and detail. They do not take a lot of time in picking up what is most suitable, even if it is their own bridal attire. They often pick up their stuff randomly, and are usually happy to let someone else do the honours. However, their good taste and helpful attitude can definitely make others' shopping easy and interesting. So, if you are planning to buy a chic and classy evening gown or an 'it' bag, you know whom to rely on.

Scorpio husbands make good shopping partners and same applies to the women too. Yet, do not expect them to be as passionate in this department as they are in other arenas of life. It is just another task in the already long list of their routine work. When it comes to shopping, they tend to be laid back, especially the men. They prefer to sit back and look around while others shop. Although, Scorpios are least likely to be whiners, they are glad to get over with these shopping sprees. Once their partner confirms that they have shopped enough, they hurriedly pay the bill and head to their abode. Additionally, expect them to head for an elaborate luncheon or at least a gooey-choco treat once your bags are full.

Coolest dressers as per their own diktat, Sagittarius women are usually updated, and love to indulge in the season's hottest trends and the best bargains. Although, they themselves are avid shoppers, they may not make equally great shopping partners. The 'archers' tend to be quite self-immersed, and you will need to adjust your shopping time as per their 'super-important' schedules. But, a smart friend can always use this egocentric trait to their advantage. Praise their style, follow their time-line and they will give you the most valuable advice. For some unusual stuff, always count them in. Men in this zodiac sign are relatively less self-concerned, and can be patient, while their partner shops at her own pace. Archers, on their own, would rather shop for books and CDs than clothes.

Not the ones to respond positively to your sudden or bizarre shopping plans, hard working Goats, otherwise, love to shop. They can also be quite-patient shopping partners. Although impulsive shopping is not their cup of tea, they are more than willing to accompany anyone for window-shopping. And, if you let them know about your shopping plans in advance, they tend to be extremely reliable and prove to be a good helping hand. Class conscious Goats, however, do not enjoy shopping in smaller or down-market places � good quality, classy and elegant are the buzz-words for them. They love scouring designer boutiques or slightly off-beat stores. Chain-stores with their tried and tested labels also allure them. While, Capricorn men do not mind spending hours searching for even a small thing, Capricorn women love to shop for others than for themselves.

The intellectual water sign of Aquarius is always brimming with ideas, and thus may always have ample ideas as to what or where one should shop. With their slightly detached personalities, initially they may come across as too self immersed to be invited for amiable, fun-filled retail therapy. But, on the contrary, this Universal water bearer can be a pretty enthusiastic and helpful shopping-mate. With their eclectic sense they are capable of guiding their friends or partners into buying things that are 'different' yet appealing and classy. They have a huge friend circle, and are avid net-surfers, because of which they are updated and well-informed people, and often possess the perfect knowledge about the sale season, exchange offers et al. Trust them to fetch you the best bargains. They do not like to spend money, and thus you may not see them buying much for themselves, though.

The emotional, laid-back Fish will love the idea of bunking the office and going for shopping. Romantics at heart and in action, they are in love with the concept of gifting. They enjoy buying small and cute knick-knacks, though usually for their near and dear ones, and if you are headed to any place similar, they will love to accompany you. Being accompanied by a Pisces shopper implies that he/ she will end up buying more than you. There is nothing to be surprised though, as most Picsces are impulsive shoppers. They make great leisure shopping mates, as they are least likely to remind you of the clock ticking-by. And, given their tolerant streak, you can be assured of a stress-free retail therapy session. However, these people tend to be quite confused themselves, so do not go to them seeking any shopping advice.

04 Dec 2013

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