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Shoot a greeting to your Valentine

Shoot a greeting to your Valentine

It’s a Valentine’s Day and lovers across the world are hell-bent on selecting greetings for their dream partners. But they don’t know what kind of cards would their lovers like to receive. Do not worry guys, Ganesha is here to help you. Do you know the sun sign of your sweet-heart? Of course, you must know. Here are some tips from Ganesha as to the likes and dislikes of sun sign in terms of greeting cards. Go ahead and you can win the heart of your Valentine.

Arians are ‘born initiators’ so they would prefer to buy the card first or they will be the first one to email the cards; however, they would like to receive cards with dark or florescent colours, specifically with a touch of red. If you want to woo Arian just by sending the card, just write a line which inspires them to propose you! They are impatient and impulsive, and will not wait and ask you ‘Do you……?’

It’s hard to please this fixed and earth sign just with single card, provided it is beautiful and expensive enough! Believe you me, buy a large card with good fragrance or music, you will be able to enter the heart of a Taurian. Or buy the largest card available in the gift shop, it will make the Taurian feel that you are worthy enough to be loved by him or her.

Confused, flirtatious and free-birds Geminines would like ‘fusion’ the most. You can either buy some sequential cards like ‘Hi’, ‘How are you?’, ‘Miss you’, ‘Love you’ and so on and so forth. You can also buy a multi-coloured card with a wonderful poem by a famous poet or even a celebrity quote about love would please them and make them feel that you are intelligent enough to be their Valentine.

Home-loving, kind-hearted and fragile, Cancerians would love to receive card with ‘classic’ feeling. Don’t you try something modern or eccentric on them. Go for simple card with lyrics of Beatles of Frank Sinatra love songs printed on it. Cancerians would not value the ‘rate’ of the card but they would evaluate how much warmth is involved when you give the card!

Don’t you ever go for secondary or subsidiary thing for a Leo, you will be rejected right away. Buy a card with ‘royal touch’ and that too by a standard company. They don’t like ordinary things by and large so they will check the logo of the company on the back side of the card. Also, don’t write general things in card- be specific and mention that he or she is the only special one you would want to fall for. This is the best way to enter a Leo’s heart with right card and pointed Cupid’s arrow!

Virgos can control their heartbeats even if they are presented the most expensive card. You can surely choose simple and less decorated but properly designed card for them. If the card has some water and particularly picture of a female, they would love it the most. Try to write your feeling ‘to the point’ and be short and sweet in the expression as they might not love to read lengthy poems or letters.

Ensure that the card is well decorated, looks expensive and has picture of a couple. These three conditions are foremost to woo a Libran. They would love to read if you write dialogue of a movie or even a famous poem to express your love. Write something very positive about them, use it as a reason to fall in love with them, they’ll be yours!

By nature, they love mystery and suspense, so you can take a very big cover and put several cards inside, one card should inspire your Valentine to open another immediately. They would love to play such puzzles and the final card, even if is a small one, should have intense expression of love with a little sensuous touch. This is the best trick works with Scorpian hearts.

Sagittarians love to explore the world. You can have a card with picture of some famous natural locality or even with picture which displays cultural values like Venice city, Machupichu Ruins or Alaska! You need to be bit adventurous to impress them. So surprise them with something that they would never expect- catch them at a wrong time to deliver the card and when they read the card they should get the clear message that you really have ‘great’ crush on them. Ensure that intensity expressed in words is very high.

Capricornians are also brand concious, so give them a decorative and simple card with proper brand value. They will be impressed with something that displays your desire to start a family with them. Don’t write anything that projects your superiority, instead make them your ‘God’ or ‘Goddess of love’. They would immediately submit their heart to you.

They will not like simple cards, usually available in the market. Try to look for something that’s difficult to find elsewhere as they love the ‘exclusivity’. Convey that you have specially got this card after exploring the entire earth. Card with picture of a pond or river can win their heart very easily, however, expression would also really matter so write something intelligent and impressive which conveys the meaning and expresses your feelings as well.

To pierce a Piscean’s heart, you must express as much warmth as possible in the card. The card should have picture of a ‘sea’ or a couple on the ‘sea-shore’ hand in hand. They would love to read touchy poems like Herbet Shipman’s ‘Across the gateway of my heart, I wrote ‘No thorough-fare’, love came laughing by and cried, I enter everywhere!’

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni