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Grand Art Pieces, Cosy Bean Bags or Lavish Furnishings – What’s your style of Home Decor? 

Grand Art Pieces, Cosy Bean Bags or Lavish Furnishings – What’s your style of Home Decor? 

Grand Art Pieces, Cosy Bean Bags or Lavish Furnish...hat's your style of Home Decor? - GaneshaSpeaks

Sun Signs and how they do up their rooms

Aries: The Arians prefer to stay light and hang loose all the time. So clutter is somethings that instinctively puts them off. You will rarely find an Arian buying new things for his/her room. Instead, they spend time trying to think what else they can probably do away with.

Taurus: Taurans like to KISS – Keep it simple and sweet. They may look like insensitive when they promptly dispose of all greeting cards and precious gifts if they think they will never use it. But that’s how they fight the clutter.

Gemini: Geminis don’t mind clutter as long as it is done up. They like to have their walls and racks full and brimming. So you will find souvenirs, Class III mementoes and innumerable gods and goddesses in their room. Their rooms are neat, not necessarily beautiful.

Cancer: Cancerians love to live kingsize. Their rooms often have the best bedspreads, the most comfortable beanbags, a kingsize bed and indulgent armchairs. They like to do up their rooms with more furniture and less knick-knacks. Old world charm describes their room best.

Leo: A profound wallpaper, a totally contrasting corny one-liner, a huge statue of their favourite god, then again a big life-size picture of Mickey Mouse…their rooms portray every side of their persona – wacky, philosophical, devout etc. Expensive curtains, grand art pieces, larger-than-life size photographs of their idols or of themselves amongst many other are some adornments that you would find in the dens of the Lions! Whenever you are tired, you can prefer having a cosy nap on the comfortable couch of a Leo friend! Warmth, you see!

Virgo: ‘Can I keep this room’ is the first thing you will utter when you see a Virgo’s room. Tastefully done up with co-ordinated upholstery with the right shade of the room. Cool furniture with funky furnishings. Virgo rooms are the kinds that get featured in ‘Good Home’ shows and magazines.

Libra: Librans are also fastidious about how their living room looks. Even if they are awfully busy, they can never sleep without doing it up. However, Librans prefer to give their room a very sober and no-nonsense look. You will rarely find a Libran who uses bright orange or yellows for their room.

Scorpio: Scorpios fail to understand the concept of doing up a room. They think at least their own room should be the way they want, and not become a showpiece for guests. They resist change and refuse to let others do it for them. As a result, the room is often drab, boring and the kind you never want to live in.

Sagittarius: Sagittarians believe their room is a sanctuary and therefore the sanctity has to be preserved by giving it a stark minimalist look. Even if they are in love and have two cute kids, you will rarely find any pictures on the wall. A clean wall makes them feel easy.

Capricorn: Capricornians get defensive should someone try to help them out doing their space. They want things to be in a certain way and any change in it can totally throw them out of gear. So it’s the ‘everything in its place and a place for everything’ concept here. Their rooms may not be easy on the eye, but nevertheless there is order and a method in there.

Aquarius: Aquarians have the best taste in the zodiac, after the Pisceans. They know how and where to pick up that little knick-knacks for the house. They have an eye for the offbeat and ethnic things that make their room so well done up.

Pisces: Pisceans love large open spaces, cool breeze, flying curtains and softy soft pillows. Even if they live single in a small shanty of a busy suburb, they leave no stone unturned in doing it up. In short, if you want to do up your room, ask a Piscean for help. They are the best. Their rooms are proof for the same.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team