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Seek Ganesha’s advice to give your career a kick start

Seek Ganesha’s advice to give your career a kick start

If your current job does not satisfy your creative appetite, and you wish to take up your dream job, try asking your stars about it. Astrology provides an in-depth analysis of your aptitude, talents and hidden potential and helps find out which type of job/career/business is best suited for you. For example, for a person who has Mars exalted in his/her chart and where Mars is connected with a career related House, a uniformed service (Army/Navy/Air force/Police/Fire service etc.) is better suited than a marketing job. He/she is a sort of misfit in a marketing position and will have a miserable life; whereas a shift to IPS or Armed forces would see the person transcending career path with promotions and repeatedly so, with accolades all the way.

Astrology can help you to focus sharply on the type of job/career/business that is an ideal fit for you, thereby making the ‘job dissatisfaction’ a thing of the past.

When you feel dissatisfied with your job, you are often tempted to put down your papers and start ‘something’ of your own. But soon you may realise that doing a business is not your cup of tea, and perhaps you would have done better in your old job. Unfortunately, you cannot go back in time and undo the situation. This is where astrology helps in answering questions such as:

(i)Am I suitable for doing a job or is it better to have my own business?

(ii)If it is better to be on a job, which types of jobs are more suitable for me according to my aptitude?

(iii)If I can be successful in business, which is the business I should take up to become successful?

Astrology explores the birth chart of a person and discusses what type of a person you may be at your work place. It reveals the kind of work environments that may appeal you, as well as occupations that you may be best suited for based on your skills and innate talents.

We have a unique approach to interpreting one’s birth chart and applying the results to one’s vocational aptitudes. In this unique approach, the focus is on the career/business related Houses and planets. Our report will point out various things about you such as how do you interact, how do you work best, how do you apply your energies, what would be the best suited work environment for you, and what cycle do you experience in your work situation today (see sample report in the portal).

The decision is yours, but don’t you think it is worth it to take the help of astrology in shaping your career and business? We, at Ganesha speaks, are all set to take your career graph higher.

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Jyothisha Ratna R.Sakuntala,
Celebrity astrologer,
The Ganeshaspeaks Team