Scenario of Indian Economy 2007

Indian economy is on the rise, is it the
finance minister’s smart decisions or should we thank the planets for that?

The rising sign
(Ascendant / Lagna) at the time of the Indian Independence was Taurus (Vrishabh
rasi). Lord of Ascendant Sukra is combust in the Natal chart. This is the real
reason for the initial slow and poor progress of the economy of the country.

Now a look at
the general rise of the economic parameters, since last year, we need to check
the basic strength of this phenomenon. Here we see Mahadasha of Sukra, the Lord
of Ascendant has commenced since around end of the year 1989. As we know the
seeds of this progress were sown during the year 1990, by Dr, Manmohan Singh
the then finance Minister.

The planetary transits of major
planets, Guru, Shani and Rahu also seem to have backed this rise, during the last year, Shani and Guru both
repeated their respective radical positions in transit. Guru had a strong
positive influence over 2nd house (Finance) and 10th
house (Employment opportunity) during transit. These positions can be said to
be the major reason for the rise. Both Shani and Guru influenced 12th
house. This seems to have lead to a surge in foreign investments last year.

During 2007 Guru
will transit in Scorpio and pass through 7th house in the Natal
chart. Guru will also have strong positive influence over cluster of planets
placed in Cancer (Karka rasi) in the Natal chart. Here Budh Lord of 2nd
house and Shani Lord of 10th house are placed along with Ravi, Chandra and Sukra.

This means that
2007 will be favourable for consolidating gains, expanding trade relations leading
to higher growth. Decisions affecting on a long term are likely to be under
taken such as pattern of revenue collected by the Government. Some large
projects inviting huge investments and decisions for more employment
opportunity are likely to be undertaken.

The year is
likely to start on an encouraging note and pace of progress is likely to be
maintained on the plus side. Last quarter of the year is likely to present
uncertain conditions. Some major change in trend may be in offing here. Overall
scenario seems to be bright.