Saturn's transit in Libra will be a defining moment for judicial activism in India, says Ganesha

The Supreme Court
recently pulled up the Delhi police for its direction-less probe into
the 'cash for vote scam'. The Apex court, turning hyper activist in
the past one year or so, has intervened in the governance in
unprecedented ways. The Supreme Court has taken upon itself the task
of resolving, or at least attempting to resolve many important issues
that are pending for years. The intervention of courts in addressing
major social and political issues has also escalated. The Supreme
Court openly criticised the PM for alleged inaction in the 2G
spectrum scam. The result of which was that the CBI acted and
arrested a few key figures involved in the scam. The Supreme Court
slammed the government for the CWG corruption, and it was only then
that the interrogation caught momentum. In the 'Adarsh Housing scam',
it was the Bombay High Court which directed the CBI to look into the
allegations against the Union Ministers involved in the scam. The
Apex Court took suo motu cognisance of forceful eviction of yoga guru
Baba Ramdev and his followers from Ramlila ground. Against the
inadequate probe on black money issue, the Supreme Court of India
issued a very unique order to set up SIT to monitor the
investigation. This judicial activism is new to India and is
compelling us to ponder over the question- who rules our country: is
it the cabinet or the courts?

The 9th
House signifies the judiciary in general and its highest sit, the
Supreme Court in particular.The entire process started when Jupiter
was passing through Pisces, aspecting the 9th House Lord,
Saturn. Saturn-Jupiter opposition plays a vital role in bringing in
reforms. The process got momentum from April 2011, as the Lord of 9th
House of Hindu New Year Chart, Mercury is retrograde in its
debilitation sign thus acts as exalted. Mercury is also Vargottama
and placed in the 7th House of Chalit Chart. The strong
retrograde Mercury signifies the unprecedented judicial activism.

House, the most important House rules the government. In the
Hindu New Year Chart, the Lord of 10th House, Moon is
afflicted severely in the 6th House. This serious
affliction is causing confusion, indecisiveness and nervousness in the
corridors of power at New Delhi. It indicates 'weakness' of the
government and lack of efficiency to an extent. The inaction of the
government may force the people of India to believe that the nation
is not run by the government but the judiciary system. The UPA
government will be under pressure due to continuing irritants. The
general state of health of the government will not be good. Also, the
President and Prime Minister should be careful about their health.

Saturn represents
democracy. And when Saturn will enter Libra on 15th
November 2011, more attempts will be made to give people the real
control. Saturn's transit in Libra will be a defining moment for
judicial activism in India. The subtle but deep confrontation of
power between the judiciary and the executives will continue. The
Supreme Court will give one or two landmark judgements, which will be
widely hailed.

Ganesha's Grace,

Tanmay K.Thakar
The GaneshaSpeaks Team