Predictions Effects of Saturn Transit for Leo Moon Sign

Effects of Saturn Transit for Leo Moon Sign

Effects of Saturn Transit for Leo Moon Sign

Saturn Transit 2018 For Leo Moon Sign

You were bit upset with the events happening in your life during last two and a half years, weren’t you? There may have been domestic unrest, unwanted travel or relocation or shift in location of some sort that made you feel quite unsettled.
During the period before Saturn Transit in 2017, you may have faced emotional nightmares. Dissatisfaction would have been at a peak. You may have had the difficulties understanding the demands of your family members. You were dealing with great work responsibilities and balancing between personal and professional fronts was more difficult for you.

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Summary of Last 2.5 Years

Though you would have been out doing your part, you may feel lack of enthusiasm to actually carry out the tasks. You would have felt great mental and physical exhaustion. Ganesha feels that you were dealing with various challenges throughout the period. This period may have brought the negative side of your personality. You must have been feeling as you did not get the importance you would have liked.

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Saturn Transit Effect on Leo after January 2017 till 24th January, 2020

Saturn transit through Sagittarius will be drawing your attention towards long term financial investments. This is going to be ideal time to review past investments. Proper financial planning or long term financial planning will be necessary. You may be thinking about kid’s future. You will have to work hard to hone your professional skills.Your performance at work or in the business could be questioned. You may need to prove your metal by working harder. This is the time when you may get into long term relationship. You will face ups and downs in the relationship too. Your attention will be on the progress at personal and professional fronts.If you are in creative field, you will have to work very hard to sharpen your talent. You will probably need more practice in your field of work. Students will have to stay more focussed on studies and will have to work very hard. Ganesha feels that you won’t be able to compromise much on personal relations and will learn to voice your opinions while this period operates.

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