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Know How Will Saturn Transit In Sagittarius Affect You

Karmic Saturn In Spiritual LandMaili chadar odh ke kaiseDwar tumhare aaoon,Janam janam ki maili chadarkaise daag chhudaaoon

YES, this Saturn promises to remove the stained clothes and cover you with a beautiful white robe before you meet God.

We all know that Saturn is a karmic planet and Lord Shiva has made Saturn “The Lord of Karma”. The planet of discipline and justice will be further strengthened by Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius. The hard work, sincerity and focus of Saturn will mix with righteousness, sadhana tantra, mantra, pooja, which fall in the realm of spiritual guru Jupiter.

Saturn will be transiting through the Moola Nakshatra and will be in Sagittarius sign. There is no Saturn retrograde during this phase. The Goddess of Moola Nakshatra is Nirriti.

Nirriti is a Goddess of destruction, so all your vices, schemes, plots, materialistic approach, wrong desires, etc. will dissolve, and you will start a new chapter in your life with fresh thoughts, a new outlook, a new spiritual angle, charity, and will work for the welfare of the society and spiritual master. Goddess Nirriti will help Saturn in accomplishing this as per Saturn transit in Sagittarius 2017.

You will dig deep to understand things, you will do research about everything, especially about yourself. The time is good for contemplation and introspection according to the effect of Saturn transit in Sagittarius. You will try to find out ‘who you are’, ‘what is the purpose of your birth’, etc.

The desire to go to temples and pilgrimages in search of the higher self, or to connect to the higher energies will increase which is as per Saturn transit in Sagittarius 2017 effects.

The time is excellent to create a book, write a best-seller by connecting to your sub-conscious mind and the higher energies, in accordance with the Vedic Astrology. Prarabdha will activate all those karmas which started in the previous life so that they can be completed now. So, the time is ripe to get results of all your pending karmas as per the prevailing planetary transits.

All skills which you have but are not yet recognised will get acclaim and honor. You will focus more on hobbies and do what you want and love to do in life, which will be more focused. The time is just right to add pooja to your daily routine, according to Saturn transit.

Divine guidance will pour in through ancestors or parents. People will talk about culture, heritage and tradition and do karmas to preserve it and take it forward. Fasten your seat belts for travels abroad, as well as short-distance travel according to Saturn in Sagittarius. Things such as the opening of new business, promotions, change of job and residence are expected for many of you.

People of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo sign will be endowed with miraculous energy to accomplish all their goals. They will be acclaimed for their unique skills and creative talent. Public lectures and discourses on spirituality will increase as per Saturn transit.

Saturn transit in the Moola Nakshatra and Sade Sati for Sagittarius sign will multiply their working ability and fetch them awards and rewards for the same. More channelized or focused work will bring worldwide acclaim.

You will be writing new books and reaching the masses by different channels of communication like TV, radio, YouTube. People will do more tantra, mantra, pooja, havana and meditation. Ayurveda will gain importance as per Saturn transit in Sagittarius 2017 effects.

Love of nature will increase, and people will work to save the environment, pets and forests. People will do research in the field of astronomy, astrology, pranic healing and other subjects of metaphysics.

New inventions are expected during this phase. Saturn has lots to give this time, so let us spread our wings and soar high with the blessings of Saturn.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team

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