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Enhance the power of the sun with Ruby (Manik) in Vedic astrology

Indian name – Manik

SG – 4.00, RI – 1.76 – 1.77, Hardness – 9

The word “ruby” has been derived from Latin word ‘rubber’ meaning ‘red’.

The red colour in the gemstone ruby is due to the presence of the element chromium in it. Ruby is considered to be one of the most important precious gemstones, together with sapphire, emerald and diamond. Red is the colour that represents passion, vibrancy, love and power. Hence, this gemstone is also considered to be a possessor of many desirable qualities, as it is also red in colour. Ruby is associated with being a July birthstone, and there is a tradition of gifting Ruby on the 15th and 40th marriage anniversaries to celebrate as well as ensure a long and prosperous married life.

Rubies may be available in many shades of red, ranging from pinkish to purplish or even a brownish red, depending upon its chromium and iron content.

In ancient times, this gemstone was known as the ‘king of gems’, as it had everything that one would desire in a precious stone – magnificent colour, excellent hardness and outstanding brilliance. Large rubies are rarely found, and in some cases, they may even be more valuable than a diamond of the same size.

Burmese Rubies are acclaimed as the best quality rubies in the world.

Since ancient times, rubies have been used as a talisman to cure and protect. People in the ancient time believed that rubies, if ground into fine powder and placed on the tip of the tongue, had healing abilities for the blood and the heart. Many ancient cultures also believed that wearing a ruby, while in a battle would protect them and their life. Additionally, the Hindus and the Greeks believed that the brilliant colour of rubies is due to fire trapped in the stone. It was also believed to bestow the wearer wisdom, health and luck, and is still is.

Indian medical science Ayurveda uses Manik Bhasma (fine Ruby dust) as a part of many of its medicines and supplements. Ruby finds a mention in the Sanskrit texts and the ancient Hindus were so much enchanted by its brilliant red colour that they gave it the title of ‘Ratanraj’, meaning the king of all gemstones. It also finds a mention in Bible, where it is referred to as the one of the most precious gemstones. All red gemstones were collectively called as Carbuncles, during that time. According to ancient Ceylon legends, after the demise of the demon king Ravana, his blood set into rubies, resulting in their intense red colour. Native Americans believed that offerings of a fine ruby resulted in rebirth as a powerful Chief. In the middle ages, rubies were believed to have prophetic powers. It was believed that a ruby could warn its owner of impending misfortunes by deepening in colour.

Astrology too considers ruby as a very important gemstone with ability to provide people with solutions to their various problems. You can get a ruby to get various benefits from this beautiful gemstone. Many people also wear it for its ornamental properties. However, it pays to find out how suitable a ruby would be for you. Speak to An Astrologer now to find what gemstone is best suited for you. Is it a ruby? You will know with this personal on-phone consultancy. And, if you find speaking on phone unsuitable, you can ask for online service

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Zodiac – Leo Planet – Sun Day – Sunday

  • Symbolises and promotes excellent health, vigour, love and passion.
  • Eliminates depression.
  • Makes one bold and courageous.
  • Increases popularity and prestige.
  • Prevents cerebral meningitis, eruption of the face, typhoid, polypus, epilepsy, bile complaints, sun-stroke, scorches and diseases of the head.
  • Also prevents haemorrhage, cardiac thrombosis, a heated and bilious constitution.

Rubies from Thailand are brownish red. Afghanistan, Pakistan and Vietnam also produce rubies of bright red colour. India, North Carolina (U.S.A), Russia, Australia and Norway are dark, sometimes even opaque.

Flawless rubies mined from Burma are valued at millions of dollars. Even though, these mines produce outstanding rubies, rubies more than a few carats in weights are rarely found. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington carries the largest Burmese ruby known to date. The 23.1 carat Burmese ruby called the Carmen Lucia ruby set inside a platinum ring with diamonds, was donated by a businessman and philanthropist Peter Buck to the museum in memory of his late wife Carmen Lucia. Ruby as a gemstone was also made popular by the American actress Elizabeth Taylor, who wore it in many of her jewellery pieces.

This gemstone has enthralled us since times immemorial, and its charm has kept on increasing with the passage of time. Due to its talismanic properties, rubies continue to be high in demand, and can be truly called as the most sought after gemstone.

The world’s biggest ruby is the Rajaratna Ruby, which weighs 2,475 carats.

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