Revealing Likes and Dislikes by Sun Signs

Likes and Dislikes by Sun Signs

Likes: Aries like to undertake challenging physical tasks, and always want to lead from the front. They prefer individual sports more than team sports, such as chess, table tennis, lawn tennis, badminton, etc.

Dislikes: Aries dislike remaining idle; they don't like delays in their work. And the kind of work wherein they cannot make use of their inherent talents is a strict no-no.

Likes: The Bulls, being dexterous, like to work with their hands. Things such as cooking, gardening, playing table tennis with kids, etc. appeal to them. They also like to listen to music, wear expensive outfits and romance with their beloved.

Dislikes: They don't like sudden changes that bring complications in their lives. If they feel that any thought or idea will bring insecurity, they will reject it outright. And they avoid wearing synthetic clothing.

Likes: The Twins like to read books, magazines and communicate a lot using social networking sites or smart-phones, as much as they love face to face conversations. They also like to write blogs to communicate with the masses at large.

Dislikes: They detest being alone or confined to one particular place. They also would, if they could, avoid monotonous tasks like the plague.

Likes: The Crabs, being domesticated, like hobbies that are home-based. Being helpful, they also like to lend a helping hand to their loved ones and friends. Their idea of relaxing is sun-bathing on the pool-side.

Dislikes: Being slightly introverted, the Crabs tend to avoid big social gatherings, or interacting with strangers. They love their families, and can't hear anything being said against their near and dear ones.

Likes: The Lions are the leaders of the Zodiac, but they are not exactly domineering, and love to have fun with their friends, life-partner and kids. They also like to wear expensive and comfortable clothes.

Dislikes: Leo natives don't like to remain alone, or ignored; in fact, they prefer to be in the limelight. They want everything new, and will not settle for anything second-hand, even if it is a high-end cell phone.

Likes: The Virgins want everything neat, clean and orderly. They pay a lot of attention to the minutest of details. They like to eat healthy foods and read good books. They love nature and animals.

Dislikes: Virgo natives dislike it when somebody else takes the centre-stage, or behaves rudely. Also, being fiercely independent, they don't like to ask anyone for help.

Likes: Libra natives like to live in harmony with everyone around them. Being generous, they like to share their things with close friends. They are gentle and like the outdoors.

Dislikes: The Scales find it hard to tolerate any type of injustice or violence. Being experimental, they don't like to follow set norms; and, being soft-spoken, avoid people who brag too much.

Likes: Scorpio natives like to get their facts right, and will always speak the truth. They also like to tease and indulge in light-hearted banter, but they will nurture a good friendship with passion.

Dislikes: They don't like dishonest and inactive people, especially because they are themselves very active. But, being secretive, they don't like to reveal their hearts' contents.

Likes: The Archers like to travel a lot and remain outdoors. They love their freedom very much, so don't try to confine them to one place. Being philosophical, they love to discuss abstract things.

Dislikes: They detest it when they are asked to give minor details about something, as they feel it is enough to outline the big picture. Also, they dislike clingy people and bizarre ideas.

Likes: The Goats like tradition, and to maintain a low profile. They love listening to music. They are family-oriented, and love to motivate their children to achieve excellence.

Dislikes: Capricorn natives dislike laziness, foolishness, anger and gossiping. Furthermore, they don't like to show off their skills and talents openly to people who are not close to their hearts.

Likes: Aquarius natives like to have fun with their friends, indulge in intellectual conversation and fight for a cause. Moreover, they like to help others who are in need. They are also good listeners.

Dislikes: The Water Carriers don't like restrictions, inertia, or being alone. They also dislike people who strongly oppose their ideas, and people who make promises that they cannot keep.

Likes: The Fish like to spend time with themselves in solitude, hear music and sleep to re-energise themselves. Additionally, they like swimming, spiritual themes and romancing with their beloved.

Dislikes: They dislike people who claim that they know it all. Also, they dislike being criticized, and harshness can easily hurt them. They can hold a grudge for decades.