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Retrograde Jupiter brings wisdom and more

Retrograde Jupiter brings wisdom and more

Jupiter will begin its retrograde journey from the 3rd degree of Aquarius, and it will end on the 23rd degree of Capricorn. In its retrograde journey, which starts on 15th June and ends on 13th October, Jupiter emphasises on inner awareness and spiritual development, because it is the planet of wisdom and spirituality moving in the sign of Saturn.

This is an excellent time to tune in to one’s personal integrity. People whose natal charts have a retrograde Jupiter will receive its beneficence in the form of opportunities, along with a surge of optimism. Naturally, this is the result of good karma done in one’s past life.

This is an excellent time to deal with unfinished Jupitarian projects like completing an education, undertaking long distance travels or pilgrimages that had to be postponed, joining spiritual or philosophical courses and restoring long-lost friendships.

Jupiter also governs legal matters, and this may result in unexpected twists in any legal issues one may be dealing with. So, nothing must be taken for granted in legal procedures. A retrograde Jupiter has nothing to do with material activities, so one should avoid starting a new business or commercial venture, unless it is a humanitarian or charity-based project.

Ganesha says that it is the best time to evaluate oneself, and overcome all difficulties and hindrances with patience and consistency of purpose and actions.

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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,