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Relief for Sir Elton John

Relief for Sir Elton John

There is some respite for Elton John now that the alleged photograph of the exposition of his private collection in Gateshead has been found innocent and the police removed the photo and now it is made clear that this was not child pornography.

Controversy struck in late September of 2007 when police confiscated a picture taken by a well known photographer that featured two naked prepubescent girls. The picture was one of the 4,000 pictures in John’s collection. On October 27, 2007, the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

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The whole issue came to fore when the transiting Rahu was moving exactly in square with his natal Rahu in the 4th house which has disturbed his enternal harmony and peace due to tremedous stress. Transiting Rahu in the 4th house always create one or the other problems and disrupt the peace of mind. Adding to this, the transiting Saturn which is the Lord of 4th house was approaching the transiting Ketu indicating agony and anxity. Neptune the symbol of gossip, press, and suspicion and also ruler of pictures is moving over the natal Venus- also one of the prominent factors of this whole issue. But now the transiting Saturn is seperating from Ketu giving him great relief. The transiting Jupiter is in close conjuntion with Ascendant now and aspecting the natal Sun, which has also played its part and saved his reputation. Althought all the charges were dropped, he has to be very careful between 20th December 2007 and 2nd May 2008 to avoid any such controversies.

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