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The road ahead, till 2016, may be a little difficult for Raj Kundra, feels Ganesha

The road ahead, till 2016, may be a little difficult for Raj Kundra, feels Ganesha

In India, Raj Kundra, the London-based super successful entrepreneur and 198th richest businessman’s, major claim to fame is that he is the husband to the ex-Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty. Raj also caught the limelight with the stylish wifey when together they bought and ran the prestigious Indian Premier League Team ‘Rajasthan Royals’. However few know that Kundra, born to middle class parents, is a self made man, and his journey to success, money and fame is inspiring.

Kundra, known to have struck gold at a young age, despite being a college drop out has his businesses stretching from real estate, mining to fashion, entertainment and hospitality. His love for sports, his frequent IPL appearances and his avid association with many other Bollywood stars, usually for raising funds for AIDS awareness and other charity causes have kept him in the limelight. Lately, Kundra, however, caught a wrong angle of the spotlight when his name appeared in the list of people who have been served notices by the Justice Mudgal Report for probing in the notorious Spot -fixing scam of IPL.

What lies ahead for Raj Kundra? Will he be found guilty? How will this affect his life? Ganesha, with the help of Vedic Astrology, tries to predict.

– What starry combinations made Raj Kundra, a college drop-out, a huge entrepreneurial success?
Raj is born with an exalted Mercury and the Swagruhi Sun. His powerful Sun placed with the retrograde Venus in the Zodiac Sign Leo, helped him become famous. But, as Venus is retrograde in his Chart, he will duly need to be careful of getting defamed. This has happened to him earlier too, when he called it quits to his first wife and marriage, when he was alleged of being heartless and betraying.

– How true the allegations on Raj Kundra may be about his involvement in the IPL fixing scam?
Ganesha observes that currently Rahu is transiting over Kundra’s Natal Mercury. His Shani’s saade Saati (Saturn’s Seven and Half years’ period) is ongoing, and Jupiter is transiting over his Natal Saturn. So, it is quite likely that Kundra may have played a major role in communication (related to this scam) to certain extent, but he may not have been a very active part of that scam. He role is most likely to not have been very instrumental in the matter, feels Ganesha.

– What will be the legal implications on Raj Kundra and his company/ business after receiving notice from the Supreme Court?
As we do not have Kundra’s birth time, this forecast is based on his Surya Kundli. As per his Surya Kundli, Rahu is transiting through the 2nd House in Kundra’s Chart. Rahu is transiting over Mercury, which is exalted. So, it is likely that Raj Kundra may face problems in his business or his name may be considerably tarnished, specifically in his business. Plus, this surely indicates financial issues. Kundra may have to pay a huge sum to sort out the whole issue.

– A word on Kundra’s personal life – wife Shilpa Shetty?
Venus – the significator of wife – is retrograde in Raj’s Chart. The period of one and a half years, starting January 2016 is going to be very crucial for his personal life. Overall, the time between January 2016 to July 2017 is going to be very critical for his personal life and related matters. Differences between the couple are most likely during that period.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
The GaneshaSpeaks Team