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Quick Feng Shui tips for offices

Quick Feng Shui tips for offices

A healthy environment not only rejuvenates the mind but also gives harmony. Feng shui is one of the ways to secure this harmony. It is the practice of arranging the objects to achieve balance in the environment. It is an ancient Chinese practice believed to utilize the Laws of both Heaven, (astronomy) and Earth, (geography), to help one improve life.

Ganesha suggests the following worthy tips to enhance energy in your business places. To make your office more comfortable and welcoming, you can rely on Feng Shui. This will result in positive flow of energy leading to success and prosperity through your hard work.

  1. If you have your office attached to your home, Ganesha suggests you to have it South facing. The best position for your desk is in the corner that is diagonally opposite the office door.
  2. A rectangular shaped room is best for a home office
  3. You must not have your seating position where your back is facing the door if there is no other solution put a mirror on the wall so that you can see anyone coming through that door.
  4. Keep your home office space separate from your bedroom. It is very important when you are working from home professionally which includes part time jobs. It will keep work and home energies separate. If you must have office in your bedroom then put a screen between your desk and the bed, says Ganesha.
  5. If you have client meetings at home then you are advised to keep a separate entrance and not the one which is used by the family. It will help you to maintain professionalism.
  6. Ganesha advises you to not sit under beam and near a pillar. It may harm your progress.
  7. Fish tanks and aquariums are very favorable to wealth. Keep them clean and keep fresh water in them. The best direction to keep them is near North-East.
  8. Put your wall clock on southern wall or western wall, says Ganesha.
  9. Decorate your office walls with cool colors. Blue and Green are preferable.
  10. Enlighten your office with enough lights, it should not be dark. Decorate and make it a comfortable place with plants.
  11. You are advised to put a wind chime on northern or/and eastern window.
  12. Bamboo tree can also be placed on your desk, says Ganesha.
  13. Your desk must be rectangular and not round.

Home office should be south facing and rectangular. Fish Tanks can be kept in North-East and wall clock can be placed on southern or western wall. Apart from coloring your office walls with blue and green colors you need to keep your office well lit. Your desk, which should be rectangular, can be embellished by a small bamboo plant.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Malav Bhatt,