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Prince Harry breaks up with Chelsy Davy

Prince Harry breaks up with Chelsy Davy

Finally, the five-year old eventful romance between Prince Harry and his Zimbabwean girl friend Chelsy Davy has ended. Sources claim that the British Royal’s decision to sign up for a two-year helicopter pilot course with the Army triggered Chelsy to call off the romance. Their relationship has been going through turbulent times due to Prince Harry’s commitment towards the Army which apparently forces them to stay apart for a longer period of time. Even in my earlier article, I had clearly mentioned that this relationship may not last long and may have a disappointing end.

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Prince Harry’s Horoscope
Prince Harry has playful, adventurous Sagittarius Ascendant and Jupiter’s expansive influence on the Ascendant makes him lion-hearted and he is meant to be entertaining due to Venus’s placement in the 10th house. Mars is in sextile with pleasure-seeking Venus and is conjunct with reckless Uranus. So he likes stunts like wearing Nazi uniform and entertaining people, which has seemingly embarrassed the Royal family. Mars – Ketu in the 12th house gives a tendency to fantasize, and relax with illegal substances.

Chelsy is enthusiastic and passionate Libra with Mars conjunction in fiery Moon makes her impulsive and indulgent. Jupiter trine her Sun makes her lucky, confident and also easy going. Uranus is in square with her Mars, and Moon so she is moody, excitable and loves adventure and also a rebel who dislikes routine lifestyle. Such planetary configuration may also mislead her at times which may lead her to false judgments.

Chelsey’s Venus conjunct Harry’s Venus which indicates strong attraction for each other. But her Mars conjunct his Sun, her Saturn squares his Sun and her Saturn conjunct his Mars-Uranus seems extremely adverse for the relationship. Moreover a Libran doesn’t get along well with Virgo.

In Prince Harry’s chart the Lord of the 5th house Mars is strong but in the 12th house with Ketu and Uranus indicating disappointments in love relationship and separation. In Navmansa chart Saturn and Rahu placed in the 7th house indicating inter-racial relationship and a disappointing end of such relationship.

Interestingly, the solar eclipse falls over Chelsy’s Jupiter. Eclipses tend to bring about a change in life. The transiting Jupiter is moving over her natal Jupiter and she is on the verge of Jupiter return phase. So she may be in a mood to restructure her life and expand the options. But this process may be a bit painful and disappointing as the transiting Saturn is moving close to her natal Moon and Mars.

They have been in relationship for long time but very “on and off”. The separation was inevitable and destined. Prince Harry is currently under the influence of Rahu-Rahu period, which will continue to disturb his personal life till December 2009. Therefore he should avoid marriage till December 2009. Chances of his marriage are pretty high between February and April 2010.

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Tanmay K.Thakar,