Prepare yourself for decade's first Partial Solar Eclipse on 4th January 2011

Eclipses take place when a celestial body comes in the path of light falling on to another heavenly body. Astrology confirms that these powerful events possess life-altering ability. Year 2011 is going to be a rare year in the sense that a total of 6 such Eclipses are lined up in a span of 12 months.

Four out of these six Eclipses shall be Partial Solar Eclipses, while the rest of the two are going to be Total Lunar Eclipses. This is a rare occurrence, not only in the Astrological, Indian context, but also in an astronomical way. Only five more times in the entire 21st century will such a pattern repeat itself.

The first Partial Solar Eclipse of the year 2011 will take place on the 4th January  2011. This will be visible only in the North-western Part of India. As per the Chitra Paksha Lahiri Ephemeris, the Eclipse will begin at 12.10 hours (noon), and will come to an end at 16.31 Hours (IST). Its strongest impact will be felt at 14 hours and 21 minutes. Sutak of this Eclipse will begin on the 4th January at 02.35 hours (Midnight) before the Sun rise of 4th morning. As per the Hindu Almanac the ?Surya Grahan? will take place on the tithi of Bhaumwati Amavasya, which is considered as highly inauspicious. This is taking place in the Poorvashada Nakshatra of Dhanu(Moon) Rashi.

Impact of 4th January 2011's Solar Eclipse on different Rashis or Moon Signs will be as under -

Moon  Sign                       Indications
1. Mesh                            Obstacles, bad for children 
2. Vrish                            Possibility of diseases and accidents
3. Mithuna                        Disharmony in family conflicts & loss of prestige
4. Karkaa                         Ineffective
5. Simha                          Bad for parents
6. Kanya                          Sudden problems in the work field
7. Tula                             Ineffective
8. Vrischika                      Prone to accident in general & fire accidents
                                      in particular.
9. Dhanu                          Very bad in general & specifically for health.
                                      Sudden losses are possible.
10. Makara                       Possibility of huge expenditure.
11. Kumbha                      Ineffective
12. Meena                         Ineffective

As per the above table, except the natives of Karka, Tula, Kumbha and Meena Rashi  and/ or Lagna, natives of all the other Rashis/ Lagna will need to take remedial measures. Particularly, the natives of Poorvashara, Moola, Uttarashara, Bharani and Poorvaulgani Constellations must employ various remedial measures of ?Grahan Shanti?.

The places where the Solar Eclipse will be visible will bear most of the negative influences of the Eclipse. Given below is the list of States in India and respective areas where the Solar Eclipse will be visible -

Indian States                Important places

Uttar Pradesh                Nainital

Uttaranchal                   Haridwar, Dehradun

Punjab                          Amritsar, Jullandar. Chandigarh

Rajasthan                      Ajmer, Jaipur

J & K                            Srinagar

Delhi                            Delhi

Gujarat                         Dwarka

Himachal Pradesh           Simla

The residents of the aforementioned areas need to be more careful regarding the negative aspects of this Solar Eclipse. It is least likely that people living in other areas (where the Eclipse shall not be visible) will be affected by the Eclipse, irrespective of their Moon signs/ Rashis and Constellations.

Impact of the Eclipse on the nation
As already mentioned, this Solar Eclipse is most likely to bring a negative impact, and that applies to its effect on the nation as well. Considering the horoscope of the f
ree India and its horoscope?s transit trends on 4th January 2011, a conjunction of Sun, Moon, Rahu (Dragon?s Head) Mars and Pluto is indicated in the 8th House of India?s Chart. Not a very propitious lining up of planets, this implies a possibility of heavy accidents, fire devastation, terrorist action and loss of property. A very senior political figure or film personality may pass away under this influence. Remedial measures should be taken as per guidelines to avoid any such problematic indications.

General Remedy
As a general guideline all are advised to avoid watching (Darshan) the sky or sun, eating, drinking, attending to nature?s call and indulging in sensual pleasures etc. during the Eclipse period of the particular places, where Eclipse will be visible.

Further, as soon as the Eclipse begins they should take bath. During the Eclipse period chanting of the following ?Mantra? will be useful -
?Indro Nalo Yamo Yaksho Varuno Vayurer cha,
Kuber Isho Dhwanantivandoo Pagotha Vyatham Mam?.

As the Eclipse period is about to be over, ?Daan? or ?Donations? should be given to the needy and poor. After the Grahan period is over i.e. Moksha, once again a Holy bath should be taken for all round cleanliness. 

The natives bserving ?Vrata? on the Eclipse day will need to continue the fasting process till the next sunrise. However, the religious scriptures are liberal for children, aged people, patients and pregnant ladies. At the same time, abundant caution should be observed by pregnant ladies and expectant mothers living in the areas/ places where the partial Solar Eclipse will be visible.

Special Remedy

Special remedial measures should be undertaken by natives and pregnant ladies of Dhanu Lagna, and Poorvashada Nakshatra which are given below -
  • Performing rituals like Rudra Abhishekham, recitation of Shri Gopal Sahasranam and chanting Gayatri Mantra will be beneficial.
  • Alm in form of a ?Golden Serpent? should be given in a brass vase filled with till to a Brahmin while chanting the following Mantra -

             ?Tamo Mam Maha Bhima Soma Surya Vimardana
             Hemnaga Pradanena Mam Shanti Prado Bhabha //1//

             Vidhuntu Da Namastubhyam Singhika Nandanachyut
             Danenaanen Nagashya Raksha Ma Veda Jadbhayat //2//?
Grahan Shanti Yagna should be performed at public places for the safety of public at large at places where this partial Solar Eclipse will be visible in India.

You can also ask a question from our celebrity astrologer to get personalised insights on grahan.

Om Namo Narayana
Dr. Surendra Kapoor
Celebrity Astrologer
GaneshaSpeaks Team