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Post Meal Expression of all Sun Signs

Post Meal Expression of all Sun Signs

An Arian’s post dinner expression could be `Pizza was good but it could have been better if they used more chilly, pepper or ..’ In a way, they may express their dissatisfaction by such suggestions without making it too harsh.

At the end of the meal a Taurean might express `wow, so sweet!’ and if you ask `who me?’ they might say `You too are, but the food was really very sweet’!

Ganesha is really unsure if a Gemini will even comment on how the food was. Being intelligent and well read, a Gemini will present his or her own reviews on how a particular food should be prepared just like an expert chef!!! Can anyone become a chef just by reading a book?! Yes, Geminies can!!

Cancerians’ expression after dinner would be: `Food was good indeed but music and surroundings were also touchy; made me remember my days of glory!

At the end, always charmed up Leos may ask you nicely `Food was delicious enough to make the day, wasn’t it?’ Don’t you dare say `No’ to this!

Virgo’s post dinner reaction: `75 percent, the food was good, but 25 percent requires some rectification!’

Librans express their views nicely: `Wow, food was great and in perfect balance.’

After having dinner, due to the typical Scorpion preconception, they compare it to the one they had at someone’s home or even at their own place.

Post dinner, a Sagittarian may readily say, `It was great; we should have this as often as we can.’

Capricornian expression would be unlike other sun signs: `Dear, the food was good! May be we should try XYZ restaurant on the other side of the city sometimes, it’s worth experiencing’

An Aquarian’s comment after dinner might be, `This dining experience exactly matches with what I had a month back in ABC bistro.’ Despite their preference for new things, they are never taken by surprise!

Sentimental Fish (Piscean) will express himself/ herself very nicely after dinner: `I will never ever forget this fantastic experience.’

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