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Please the Almighty through ‘Paath’, but avoid the six common mistakes while doing it

Please the Almighty through ‘Paath’, but avoid the six common mistakes while doing it

‘Paath’ or recitation of religious books is said to bring bliss and satisfaction to the one who recites it. But there are six faults that the scriptures recommend avoiding, while reciting religious books or doing Paath. Paath can be done in two different ways. One is by understanding the scripture and then reading it, and the other is by just reading it in its moola [original] form even if one doesn?t understand. For example, you can read and understand the Bible, whereas there are some granthas [scriptures, or holy books] that you just read without actually understanding the meaning.

Both forms are practised in Sanaatan Dharma- reading the scripture in its moola form, and then understanding it as well. Thus the reader benefits both ways. By reading the Grantha in the moola form, he gets the blessings of the deity presiding over that grantha, and by understanding it, he inherits the strength of the grantha itself. Also, faith in the holy book is strengthened.

All religious sects recommend Paath of their religious book. By reading the holy book, you are benefited with two qualities i.e. Malapharan and Gunaadhaan– Malapharan is like cleansing yourself i.e. your body and your mind. Malapharan thus removes the dosha of our mind i.e. it cleanses one completely, and all this even if you don?t really understand the Holy Book. After you have purified your body and soul, you now need to purify your surroundings, you need to get rid of the negativity and dullness around you. Applying perfumes and lighting dhoop in the room will serve the purpose. This work is done by Gunaadhaan, which means guna + adhaan =Guna ka Adhaan. Guna means qualities and adhaan is to acquire the qualities of the religious grantha, which is done by recitation and understanding of the grantha. Sometimes, Paath works miraculously, even if you don’t understand it, because of the sheer faith of the reader.

According to Vedic tradition, there are six mistakes that the reciter is likely to make while performing a paath:

?Mouni geetee shirah kampim tathalikhitpaathakah |
anarthajnouspashtvaktah cha shadete paathakadhamah ||?

  1. The Paath should not be recited so fast that the recitation is not clear. The words should be clearly pronounced, and not just murmured
    or read in the mind.
  2. The Paath should not be sung as the listener, knowingly or unknowingly, focuses his attention on the music. The stress should be on the Paath, and not on the music or anything that distracts the mind from Paath.
  3. Reader should sit comfortably and in a fixed position. He should not move his head or body. Some people move in a rhythmic way while performing jaapa or Paath. The instability affects the focus of mind. That is why mental with physical stability is a must.
  4. Even if one has learnt the Paath by heart, he should still keep the book in front of him while reciting it. Firstly, it will help avoid even a minute mistake, while performing the recitation. Secondly, the grantha itself is the gross form of the Deity representing the lord of that Paath that gives energy and power. It also helps one submit himself completely to the deity or God, with respect and faith.
  5. It is very good if one understands the meaning of the scripture which he is reading and it should be done before the recitation of Paath so that when he recites the grantha he should understand it properly and it gives bliss and satisfaction while reading the scripture.
  6. Paatha should not be recited in a very loud or a very soft voice. It should be audible only to the person sitting next to you, and it should not
    disturb others who are not interested.

Srimad Bhagwadgita and Sri Ramcharitmanas, both are divine granthas. They bless the reader just like God blesses his bhaktas. That is why, if possible, one should make it a daily routine to recite a few pages of these granthas and be blessed by their divine powers.

The quantity of the Paath you want to do daily should be selected, keeping in mind the number of pages you can recite in one sitting without any disturbance. However, there is nothing very rigid about it.

According to Yaajnavalkya smriti :
Shaten sthirtaan yaati sahstren cha tishthatee|
Evam shatsahstren ihaloke paratra cha ||

It means if any mantra or Paath of any grantha [holy book] is recited 108 times, it is imprinted in the mind like sanskar — then its quality is also gained by the person who recites it. If the person recites it 1008 times, he will have it memorised for life. If the recitation is done one lakh times, it is deeply imprinted in the mind, in fact it is believed that it is carried forward to the next birth too.

So enhance your devotion and faith in your divine self, and go ahead and get blessings of your deity by reciting the grantha daily.
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With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni