Planetes Effect On Your Health And Releted Illnesss

चिकित्सा ज्योतिष: ग्रहों का शरीर पर प्रभाव और उसके कारण होने वाले रोग

You get serious diseases due to the wrath of the Navagrahas

Many times you fall ill and even after continuous treatment, the disease is not cured, then sometimes your disease is beyond the understanding of the doctor. All this happens due to the wrath of the planets. Every planet has an effect on our earth and our body including our mind and body, due to which we have to face common or serious diseases. By being alert, we can avoid many diseases.
Here you can learn about the diseases caused by the effects of different planets. You can also contact our astrologers for their solution.


The right side of the body including the brain is affected by the sun.
Stiffness occurs in the body when the Sun is inauspicious.
– Spit remains in the mouth.
A person loses his conscience.
Heart disease occurs.
– There is pain in the mouth and teeth.
Headache persists.


Moon is mainly related to the heart, the left side.
– Epilepsy.
– Madness.
– Fainting.
– Lung diseases.
– Menstrual disturbances.
– Weak memory.
– Mental stress and anxiety.
– Various doubts and uncertain fears.
– Staying cold.
– Frequent thoughts of suicide in the mind.

There are any fatal planets or yogas in your horoscope. Get your horoscope analyzed and avoid any disease in time.


– Diseases of the eyes.
– High blood pressure.
– Arthritis.
– gout
– Having boils.
– getting hurt.
– Frequent fever.
– Vibration in the body.
– There is a stone in the kidney.
– Decreased physical strength.
– Blood related disease.
– Difficulty in bearing children.


– Laughter.
– Loss of sense of smell.
– Loss of teeth.
– Deterioration of relations with friends.
If it is inauspicious, then misfortune will come on sister, aunt and aunt.
– Loss in job or business.
– Decreased sex power.
– Useless slander.


This causes breathing problems, air disorders, pain in the lungs.
When Jupiter-Saturn, Guru-Rahu and Guru-Mercury meet in the horoscope, then there is also asthma, asthma, respiratory diseases, pain in neck, nose or head.
Apart from this, there are also diseases according to the conjunction of Jupiter with Rahu, Saturn and Mercury, such as dysentery, pain in the spine, constipation, blood disorders, earache, flatulence, liver failure etc.


Venus is believed to be related to the cheeks, chin and nerves in the body.
– There is a shortage of semen. There may be some sexual dysfunction or loss of libido.
– Persistent thumb pain
– The occurrence of skin diseases.
– Diseases of the intestines.
– kidney pain
– Foot pain etc.

There are any fatal planets or yogas in your horoscope. Get your horoscope analyzed and avoid any disease in time.


-Saturn is mainly related to eyesight, hair, eyebrows and temple.
– Premature eyes start weakening and brow hairs fall out.
– Pain persists in the nerves of the temple.
– The hair on the head falls prematurely.
– Shortness of breath.
– Due to the weakness of the bones, joint pain arises.
– Lack of blood.
– Stomach related diseases or flatulence.
– Tension in the nerves of the head.
– Unnecessary worry and increased nervousness.


– Gas trouble.
– hair fall
– Diseases of the stomach.
– hemorrhoid.
– Madness.
– Constant mental stress.
– Breaking of nails.


– Obstacles in procreation.
– Hair loss on the head.
– Weakness in the nerves of the body.
– Having skin diseases.
– Hearing loss or hearing loss.
– Problems in ear, spine, knee, penis, joint etc.

With the blessings of Ganeshji,


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