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A Short Note on Influence of the Sun on Your “Vyavsaaya” (Profession) Bhava

The Sun

One word that perfectly describes the Sun is ‘King’. Yes, the Sun is the King among the planets and the King of even the Solar System. In the Kundli too it will behave in this manner. If strong it will give the Native (Jaatak) an elevated status in his area of activity. He will become well known, renowned and famous just like the Sun which spreads its light far and wide. The natives with a strong Sun are blessed with natural magnetism and a bright presence. When this strong Sun is connected to the 10th House either by aspect, occupation or by conjunction with the Lord of the 10th House, or if it happens to be the 10th House Lord, then it would confer upon the native great influence, high position, great prestige and honour. Such natives will usually be found in positions of power or in high positions in governmental organisations. Since the Sun is the King of Planets, in real life too it represents all the kingly areas like power, authority, status and governance.

Similar results can be experienced, if the Sun is related to the 11th House or happens to be the Lord of the 11th House.

If the Sun is connected to the 4th House, then the native will make huge mansions. Along with the above placement, If the Lagnesh (Ascendant Lord) is strong, then the native would make these mansions for himself, or else would be a Contractor.

The Sun is a Ball of Fire, and Mars, and Ketu too are Agnikaarakas (Significators of Fire). If the Sun is connected to Mars, then the native may have activities connected to making or producing guns, bombs, weapons and ammunition, since Mars is Bhoomikaraka and the ingredients used to make dynamites and explosive materials comes from the Bhoomi (Land). If the Sun, Mars and Ketu are all connected, then the native may be in the profession of electricity, power supplies, etc. Are you facing major complications in your career? Get accurate career astrology by date of birth from our Experts to make big, positive changes happen.

The Sun is known as the “Jagat Pita” in the Vedas. So, when the Sun has associations with the 10th lord or the 10th House, the native may work with his father, or else may take over and handle his father’s business.

If the Sun is associated with Saturn and Rahu then native can become a Vaidya (Chikitsak-Ayurvedic Doctor). The natives with the Sun-Saturn combination can also make good insurance agents or insurance advisors.

If the Sun is related to the Moon then native makes particular types of Sharbat related to its herbs and fruits.

The Sun is a Sattvic planet therefore its association with the 9th House and/or with Jupiter, can make the native a Purohit in some religious organisation, or a Pujaari (priest), or Dharmacharya or a Mathadheesh.

One Guna of the Sun is to “Make Dry”. So a native with association of the Sun with Mercury and the 4th House can make the native deal in Dry Jadi bootis (herbs), Wood, and Dry Mewa (Cashew, Pistachio, Walnut, Raisins, and such dry fruits which are energy producing and good for health)

(This write-up is Not comprehensive, Not complete and is Not to be applied without using commonsense simultaneously. It only gives a general and rough information of some of the facets of the Sun and the results of its associations with the 10th House or 10th House Lord and the other planets.)

With Ganesha’s Grace,
Bhavesh N. Pattni
The GaneshaSpeaks Team