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Get Read of Pitru Dosh and Pitru Debt in Shradh Paksha

Get Read of Pitru Dosh and Pitru Debt in Shradh Paksha

When the Sun enters Virgo during Kwar (the junction between the rainy season and the cold), the departed souls are satisfied with the donations received from their sons in the lunar world. During this time Shradh Paksha is celebrated in India. During this, people suffering from Pitra Dosh do special worship or rituals to get rid of the defect. Invoking the ancestors from Shradh and donating the body duly is the Shradh. It is said that human beings should repay the ancestral debt in their life. If the Pitra debt is not repaid, the Pitrus do not get salvation and they go into the phantom or demonic vagina. Now the thing to note here is, what is Pitru Loan. Actually, there are many types of parental loans. It includes debts like maternal, fraternal, god, brahm etc. However, all the loans combined are now called Pitru loans.

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When does Pitra Debt happen – gross disrespect to father, father’s brother or family elders and father-in-law etc. Apart from the Jethani or Devrani, disrespecting the mother-in-law etc., those who throw her out of the house when she is a widow also suffer from this defect. People who kill their wife in the greed of dowry also suffer from Pitra Dosha. People who cut down any Peepal or fruit tree suffer from Pitra Dosha. Due to this, the ancestors also suffer a lot. – People who grab the property of others by deceit also have the shadow of Pitru Dosh. This brings bad name to the parents.

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Some easy ways to get rid of Pitra Debt – Easy remedies have been given in the scriptures to get rid of Pitra Debt. Offer water to Lord Surya daily. Donate every new moon to a poor Brahmin for the sake of the ancestors. Help poor girls in marriage. Never try to grab anyone’s money by bad luck. Make roti for cows and dogs at home and feed them every day. Offer milk to the banyan tree. Donate five types of fruits every month in the temple of Lord Vishnu. Get Rudrabhishek done in Shiva temple.

What to keep in mind – Never do Shradh for the ancestors at someone else’s house. There is a belief that if Shradh Karma is performed at the house of others, then his ancestors destroy our Shradh Karma. There is a special law for performing Shradh in Gayaji of Bihar province. It is said that Lord Rama had done Pind Daan of King Dasharatha at this place. At the same time, there is a law of Matri Shradh in Siddhpur of Gujarat. The importance of Siddhapur is more for getting rid of maternal debt. It is said that one can be freed from ancestral debt only by giving a pind in Gaya. We can get rid of all the difficulties by performing Shradh with reverence to our parents or ancestors. In Ujjain, Nashik, Haridwar, Banaras, there is also a law to worship Nag Bali Narayan Bali to get rid of all debts.

With the blessings of Ganeshji
Bhavesh N Pattani