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Pitru Paksha Shraddh

Pitru Paksha Shraddh

It is said that nothing is possible without the blessings of the ancestors. If the blessings of ancestors remain on a family, then no one remains unhappy in that family. Shradh festival to show such reverence to ancestors is starting from 29th September. The blessings of the ancestors are not showered on those who do not offer tarpan to the ancestors or do charity for them on these holy days. The festival, which began on 29h September 2023 (Friday) till 14th October 2023. Poornima Shradh will be celebrated on 29th October. After this, Pratipada will be celebrated on 17 August and in the same way, Sarva Pitrumoksha Amavasya will be celebrated on 14th October. People are always confused, how to perform Shradh, but Shradh can be done by asking brahmins and according to the total custom.
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Importance of paternity

Often people in a hurry do pooja early in the morning and offer tarpan for the ancestors. According to the scriptures, Shradh is performed between 12 o’clock and two o’clock in the day. Remember your ancestors and offer incense in their names during Shradh. Cook food of their choice and give it to the Brahmin. Food can also be given to poor people. However, it is customary to make kheer during the Shradh festival.

Sarvapitri Amavasya – If you do not remember the date then do Shradh on Amavasya
If you do not know the date of any of your ancestors, then Shradh can be performed for all ancestors on Sarva Pitru Moksha Amavasya. Apart from this, Shradh of a fortunate woman can be done on Navami. If someone in the family becomes a sannyasin, after his death, his Shradh can be done on Dwadashi. Nevertheless, Amavasya is said to be the holiest date for all types of Shradh.

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Maharishi Nimi started the Shraddha tradition
It is said that Maharishi Nimi started the Shraddha tradition. Maharishi Atri had given him the knowledge of performing Shradh. Such information has been given in Mahabharata. Earlier Shradh was only part of Rishi tradition. Gradually it became popular in the public mind.

Rules of Shradh: Keep in mind the rituals of the clan
The scriptural method of performing Shradh has been given, but along with this, if any ritual of any clan is going on, then it should also be taken care of.

Some important things related to Shradh Paksha
1. Meditate on your ancestors. Donate for their behalf as per your reverence. If you are not able to perform Shradh, then worship in his name in the temple and donate fruits etc.
2. In the absence of a son, a daughter or her son can also perform Shradh. Grandson, grandson, nephew, nephew etc. can also perform Shradh for any of their relatives.
3. Take care of cleanliness in Shradh. If you are not able to get the pundit done, then you should offer Arghya to Lord Surya and pray to him for the satisfaction of the ancestors.
4. In the Pitru Paksha, worship of Lord Vishnu for the sake of the ancestors should be given to the ancestors.

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