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Pavarotti died with huge debts

Pavarotti died with huge debts

The world-renowned Italian opera legend Pavarotti died on 6th September 2007 in Modena, his hometown.

He was born in Cancer Ascendant and the Lord of Ascendant Moon is placed in watery sign Pisces makes him very sensitive and innovative creator. Venus is Vargottama making him very proficient in the field of arts and theatre activities. The Yogakaraka planet Mars is placed with Jupiter in 5th house (house of performance) forming superb Rajayoga, which confers the abilities to perform wonderfully. Moon-Mars trine and Sun powerful in Navmansa make him initiative, ambitious, restless, impatient and impulsive. Venus placed in the 2nd house gave him a love for the show business lifestyle. Venus placed with Neptune also signifies the creative temperament and points to his ability to go into the depths of poetic romantic sentiments.

At the time of his death, the transiting Rahu was moving over the natal Saturn which happens to be the Lord of 8th house (house of longevity) in his chart and he was running Rahu Mahadasha. There are reports that opera legend Pavarotti died with 18 million euros (25.7 million dollars) of personal debt. Rahu is debilitated in his chart and placed in the 6th house (house of debts) and he was under the influence of Rahu Mahadasha. The sub period of Mercury and Ketu in the Mahadasha of debilitated Rahu might have created the financial crunch. Thee are reports that the famous tenor’s bank accounts were 11 million euros in deficit with another seven million in unpaid loans at the time of his death.

It is really an irony that such a legend and master of opera left this material world with such huge debts.

May his Soul rest in peace!!

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